A good day for some Mini Golf

After the long, harsh winter we’ve had, everyone’s looking for things to do outside. Like these four teens we found making their way around the Mini Golf course today. (One of them had just hit a hole-in-one when I walked up.)

“It’s a nice day. We just wanted to hang out with each other and do something outside,” says Brady, a junior at Blue Springs South High School.

He and the other 3 guys have pretty much grown up together, soccer being at the center of that friendship for most of them. (Not that they were bragging, but apparently some of them were starters, and are still pretty good at the sport and playing for their high schools…)

So on a beautiful day like today, these high school juniors were looking for something to do together.

“Mini Golf is cheap and fun,” says Brayden, the one who happened to also be winning by one point. And Parker joked that is also provided an opportunity for a little friendly competition…

When I asked if any of them had come to Paradise Park when they were younger, they all smiled and memories started flowing.

The guys laughed when Carlos shared he liked the Rock Wall as a kid. “I remember the first time I climbed it I was really little and I was scared.” (He doesn’t really seem like a dude who’s scared of anything anymore. None of these nice teens do – they all seem ready to take on the world!)

Batting Cages, Go Karts and Mini Golf also topped the list of things they remember enjoying as kids. And still are apparently!


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