About Paradise Park

Bringing People Together Through Fun


We are a gathering spot where friends, family, coworkers and neighbors bond and connect through safe, clean fun in a place with a "family feel" and a friendly team of people who are genuinely happy to see you.

For nearly 3 decades, our family-owned, Kansas City icon has been a hub of fun for families and friends to make memories and connect through shared positive experiences.


We are Kansas City's Premier Family Destination

We built the Park with a vision to have a place to relax, enjoy, laugh, learn, play and discover–to be the glue that’s pulling people together.

Our vision for the Park is to continue to grow and work to deliver the latest and greatest family fun within our collection of family entertainment attractions. We’re a perfect place for family reunions, corporate outings, birthday parties for all ages, teambuilding activities, and more.


We create Family Entertainment, Fun & Adventure through excellent guest service, unique attractions, discovery play and professional learning opportunities in a wholesome, safe and family-friendly environment.

Our Story

It's a special place, designed and created with the hearts, hands and vision of our founders, Jon and Juli Ellis.

Paradise Park delivers a variety of experiences for all ages throughout our beautiful “15 acres of fun.” It’s a special place, the kind of special that comes when heart and soul is poured into bringing a vision into reality, like hand-made pottery and farm-to-table dinners carefully crafted with a personal touch.

And our “art project” is so big it can not happen without the teamwork of a lot of really nice folks who’ve also helped us build and deliver safe, clean fun through the years, and today. Though it’s large, it is so well designed that it still has an intimate, personal feel, almost like you’re visiting someone’s extra-large, super fun home. It’s a great option for a rainy or hot day, with options indoors and outdoors.


Our whole purpose is to create a good, wholesome family experience.

While simple on the surface, that means we've invested a lot of thought and time in cultivating the structure and culture that supports that goal.



Paradise Park is actually a "family entertainment center" (FEC), perfect for all ages, with a unique Discovery Play center, a type of educational entertainment ("edu-tainment") designed for children age 7 and under.

We always design every detail of every offering with great intention and a core belief in the value of people and relationships. Our staff really cares and goes above and beyond to make sure every one of our guest's experience is excellent.

What makes ours different?

You won't see a lot of cement or commercialism here at Paradise Park. The name itself comes from Founder/Owner Jon's original inspiration on a trip to Florida, where he was inspired by a lush garden mini-golf course with a waterfall feature. While the energy inside is high, nature abounds in Paradise Park's "backyard." A generous 1,000 shrubs and trees provide shade and beauty (many planted by Jon and Juli themselves nearly 3 decades ago). Ponds and waterfalls grace the grounds, and provide a surprising and refreshing retreat.

You'll always find something new at the Park. We are constantly adding attractions, the latest being a partnership with The Exit Room in Lee's Summit to offer escape rooms onsite at Paradise Park. Three fun rooms are up and running. Check out our website for ideas and information about how you and your family and friends of any age can make memories and have fun together at the Park any time of the year.