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Arcades and video game rooms in Kansas City

  • Varies

  • People


  • Height


  • Weight


  • Age

    All Ages

  • 1 Credit = 25 cents

    Most games run between 2-6 credits

  • $20, $25, $35, $50 and $100 best value (bonus credits)

Arcades and Video Game Rooms in Kansas City

Get Your Game On

The lights, the colors, the sounds … it’s the energy of an arcade that excites the kid in all of us! We designed our

arcade and video game room in Kansas City as a family-friendly place with a well-rounded offering of games for everybody.

What makes ours different?

From the classics like Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, and even Skee-Ball, to new favorites like Flappy Bird (on a giant screen!), Crossy Road, Cruisin’ Blast, Sponge Bob,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (for 4 players at once!), as well as pop-a-shot games, mini bowling, and others, you’ll find a variety of options to play in our family-friendly arcade to get your game on!

Win Prizes!

Part of the magic of an arcade is the build-up to earning prizes! That “Oh my gosh!” moment when the Big Bass Wheel just landed on 1,000 points…! Or that unforgettable jumping fist-bump after winning the Jackpot on Fish Bowl Frenzy… Watching the e-ticket count going up and up…!

We’ve got a wall of prizes waiting for you when you’ve finished winning! From giant Slinkys to lava lamps, huge stuffed toys to virtual headsets, king size candy bars to samurai swords, your choices are motivating and rewarding!

ReLoadable Fun Cards

Just load up a Paradise Park Fun Card when you check in at a ticket counter, or at one of our convenient self-serve kiosks, and simply swipe it to play a game. Your Fun Card tracks your spending, your game play ticket rewards, AND earns you points in our Rewards Program. Reload anytime.

Check Fun Card Points Balance


**Fun Cards also work in the Batting Cages.

Convenient Kiosk

Avoid Lines, Check Card Balance

The fun begins here! It’s easy to load your Fun Card on a kiosk. Just walk up, choose how many cards and credits you want, and pay with a credit or debit card. The kiosk speeds up your play. You can also add credits, check your balance, and see how many tickets you’ve won.

Credits = the currency you spend to play the games
e-Tickets = a digital version of the old-time redemption tickets, your winnings
Points = what you earn towards our Rewards Program when you spend money at Paradise Park


FunCard tracks electronic tickets (“e-tickets”)
Variety of game options
Family Friendly
Something for everyone
Great redemption prizes
Earn Rewards Program points for every dollar spent at the Park (not just the arcade)