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Batting Cages

Batting Cages in Kansas City

  • Varies

  • People

    Individual & Teams

  • Height

    At least 48" tall

  • Weight


  • Age

    All Ages

  • Regular Rate $2.00

    20 pitches for 8 credits

  • Peak Rate $2.25

    20 pitches for 9 credits (Mon-Fri, 5-7pm)

  • $20

    Best Buy: 100 credits (280 pitches regular rate, 240 pitches peak)

  • $40/hr + tax

    *Sun-Thurs, 24hr advance online reservations required; includes pitching and cage rental, no Fun Card needed

Batting cages in Kansas City

For the love of the game

Our batting cages are so versatile, you'll find hard-working hitters of all ages and abilities making the most of their time and developing their next level of skill.

The environment here makes it possible to focus, improve your game, hone or test your skills, and meet other people here who share a love of the sport.

What makes ours different?

Teams love to reserve an hour on a regular basis to practice together. Individuals find great value--and fun--in challenging themselves or bringing a friend and casually hitting softballs and baseballs for fun.

You’ll find our regulars often become friends and create their own community just hanging out around the batting cages!


  • Canopy-style batting cages allow the batter to view the path of their hits up to 100 feet.
  • Choose your speed:
    Baseball cages -Slow Pitch (2), Medium Pitch (2), and Fast Pitch (1)
    Softball cages – Slow Pitch (1), Medium Pitch (1), Fast Pitch (1)
  • Practice after dark – baseball and softball cages are well lit.



Fast Pitch: 70 – 75 mph
Medium Pitch: 50 – 55 mph
Slow Pitch: 30 – 35 mph


Fast Pitch: 50 – 55 mph
Medium Pitch: 30 -35 mph
Slow Pitch: High Arch Pitch

Rules & Policies

  • 1-hour batting cage rentals – Sunday-Thursday only, 24-hour advance reservation required.
  • Reservations are reserved in hourly blocks, starting at the top of the hour.
  • No walk-in hourly rentals, to be fair to our daily walk-in guests.
  • All batters must wear helmets and closed toe shoes while in batter’s box. Bat at your own risk.
  • Bats and helmets are available at the cages and ticket counter. Serious batters are encouraged to bring their own equipment.
  • Be alert. No switch-hitting.
  • One batter per cage. All others must remain outside.

**Please read rules posted onsite at Batting Cages.