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Businessmen in Bumper Cars? Yes!

Paradise Park is for more than kids. Every week our 15-acre campus serves companies, entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Paradise Park draws kids, teens and families, but beyond the Go Karts (and sometimes in them) executives, entrepreneurial groups and employees are also setting goals, sharing leads or being rewarded with a day outside the office.

“If you walk though our campus on a weekday morning, you’ll find networking groups getting down to business and presenters training employees and students,” says our Founder & President, Jon Ellis. “On any given day, an organization may reserve our entire facility for education, fun or hopefully both. We’re a hub for business in Lee’s Summit, Blue Springs, Eastern Jackson County and beyond.”

What’s different about Paradise Park for a meeting, or day away from the office?

Plenty of options for work-related getaways exist in the Kansas City area. A couple top-of-mind examples include Royals games and Worlds of Fun. And while all of them have their place, Paradise Park is unique. Here’s how:

  1. Customized, turnkey events. One size does not fit all, and we know it. Paradise Park gives your team exactly what it needs. That could include breakfast, lunch, snacks or beer and wine. Groups can meet indoors or outside (or both) and can include family (or not). When it comes to the agenda, we can organize group-oriented games or employees can simply follow their own interest and explore all our attractions.

  2. Our staff is on hand to serve you. At many corporate events, employers pay the admission, walk in the door and never see the host again. We’re different. Our team is highly accessible and here to serve you before and during the engagement.

  3. You can work (and play) with your team. At some venues, teams enter together but don’t see each other again until returning to the office. Paradise Park facilitates interaction. The Park is large enough to give everyone space, but small enough to bring them together for a barbecue, laser tag or a meeting in a comfortable setting. Check out our meeting pages here.

Customized training

Beyond recreation, Paradise Park facilitates training. If your team doesn’t have curriculum, we can lead activities that advance teamwork, collaboration and relationship building.

What employers say

Educators at Lee’s Summit High School have headed to Paradise Park to get energized for the return of students in the fall.  The school requested activities that could include every team member. The Park also created alternative plans to accommodate rain or excessive heat.

“The staff could not have been more accommodating,” said Principal John Faulkenberry. “The games were highly engaging, fun and non-threatening. We had many grateful reviews from our team.”

Despite working near each other daily, many educators get little time to interact in the fast pace of a high school. A day at Paradise Park allowed them to engage. The schools’ group of more than 100 was also introduced to a new administrator during the event.

“It kicked off the year with a really good vibe,” Faulkenberry said. “Paradise Park really hit the mark.”

The school has already booked another launch day to kick off this year’s fall semester.

Paradise Park is also a destination for companies outside the Lee’s Summit area, including SPX Cooling Technologies of Overland Park.

The company recently reserved the entire campus and provided lunch for 800 employees and family members, said Marissa Smith, a human resources generalist at SPX.

The company has rewarded employees by taking them to sporting events, but decided to try something new.

“The employees really liked it and so did their kids,” she said.

Although there are corporate getaway opportunities closer to Overland Park, Paradise Park had a wide variety of opportunities and could accommodate all 800 employees and guests, Smith said.

Meeting spaces

One business referal group meets weekly at Paradise Park alongside civic clubs and school breakout sessions.

“It’s a great, quiet location that gives us everything we need,” said Rocky White, co-chair of the group and owner of Blue Hippo Flooring. “I’ve been in groups before that met in restaurants and it’s too noisy, plus you have meal expenses every time you gather.

“At Paradise Park, you pay a modest fee to use the facility, get coffee and tea and access to a projector and sound system. It’s an environment we feel great about and have no hesitation asking guests to join us there.”

Contact us

To learn more about opportunities for your organization or business, no matter the size, contact Leslie Grossman at or 816.246.5224 x 105.

Or, for more information online, visit our Groups pages.

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