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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Great Corporate Event

Corporate Event in Kansas City

by the Local Experts in Fun at Paradise Park

Take it from the corporate event planning team at Paradise Park—planning a great corporate event in Kansas City can be a daunting task! #Help

Luckily, we’re bringing you the complete and ultimate guide to planning a great corporate event in Kansas City this year.

Read on to get the low down on all-things-fun—from how to plan your corporate event to how to delegate and execute.

We’ve got you covered so that you can actually enjoy your next corporate function, and host an event your employees will love.

Why should I have a corporate event for my Kansas City company?

Investing in recreational time for your staff can not only help reinforce your company’s values (if those values involve valuing your employees!) but also provides a change of scenery and an opportunity for your team to gain a fresh perspective on their work.

Paradise Park is a full supporter of buying experiences, not things – and the same is true for corporate events!

Forbes contributor Brain Scudamore brings up a good point—that team building is the most important investment you’ll make.

The problem is that when most people hear the words “corporate event” or “company picnic” a sigh or groan is usually their first reaction.

Company outings have a not-so-subtle reputation for being lame, and we definitely blame that on a lack of planning.

You can feel like a professional corporate event planner by doing a few simple things—planning ahead, being considerate of your staff’s wants and needs, and thinking outside of the box to name a few.

Corporate event planning in Kansas City

The first step to corporate event planning—straight from a corporate event planner—is to gather as many details as you can.

Here’s Paradise Park’s corporate event planning checklist of questions to get you started.

The Paradise Park Corporate Event Planning Checklist

✔️Do I have a specific date in mind?
Trying to book a specific date on the calendar with not enough notice may earn you a hefty penalty in the form of a higher booking price; on the flip side, booking in advance may earn you a cheaper price and even additional perks with your corporate event venue!

✔️How many people do I anticipate attending?
Knowing your group size will help you determine which activities could feasibly work for you.

Be sure to also consider whether the event will be held exclusively for employees, or if family and friends will be invited to the party! If possible, try to send out an email or poll to your group in advance and set a hard RSVP deadline.

✔️What time of year will my corporate event be?
One of the biggest factors to ruined corporate parties in the Midwest is the weather. Be sure to keep the time of year in mind when making your reservation!

Paradise Park offers indoor and outdoor options, which makes weather less of a consideration. Looking for venues that can have a Plan B will most definitely ease the stress for planning your corporate event in Kansas City.

✔️How long do I want my corporate event to last?
Will your time at Paradise Park or another corporate event venue last an entire day? A half a day? A few hours?

Be sure to think about the logistics of leaving the office early or taking the day off (and be sure to turn on those out-of-office replies!) so all your clients or customers can see how well you treat your employees.

✔️Will there be a theme?
Are you celebrating a company anniversary or accomplishment, a holiday, or just blowing off steam after a difficult quarter?

Setting a specific goal may seem futile if you’re looking to have fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also get things done during your corporate outing!

✔️Will you need food for the event?
Depending on how long you make your corporate event, you will probably want to consider whether food or corporate catering will be necessary for your group.

✔️Who will be paying for the corporate entertainment?
In our experience, the company covers the cost of entertainment during a corporate event, and tell employees they’re responsible for any “extras” they want, such as play cards or drinks.

Make sure you also account for a venue deposit when budgeting for your outing/picnic.

✔️Can I recruit a corporate event planner’s help?
A corporate event planner is an excellent resource to help you manage the event experience, especially on the day-of. We’re experts in fun and can ensure your event runs smoothly.

We take special pride ourselves in the fact that our corporate event planning team is present & adaptable to any situation.

✔️What kind of space(s) will I need?
Consider what spaces you’ll need for the kinds of corporate event activities you’ll be doing. Would you like an outdoor pavilion, a meeting or conference room with technical accommodations like Wi-Fi and projectors, or something in-between?

Potentially finding an event venue with “all of the above” capabilities is usually ideal for corporate events so you have lots of options for how to spend time with your team!

✔️How will employees get to and from the corporate event venue?
Will you be renting a charter bus? Asking employees to drive their own cars? Usually companies opt for the latter.

But depending on whether or not you’ll be coming from the office or from home, you may want to consider carpooling options to accommodate certain employees!

The next step to planning your corporate event

Once you’ve got all of these details down, you’re well on your way to planning a great corporate event in Kansas City.

Here are your next steps to making sure your corporate event is successful:

Cast the vision
As the owner or leader of your company or department, you’ll need to carefully think through why this event is important and be able to express that reasoning to your management.

Let everyone know the purpose and dream for the event and invite your team to help create an environment of excitement for the event.

Communicate to everyone who will be there that they’re worth investing in—we challenge you to go beyond email and make personal connections as appropriate!

Get buy-in from staff
Create a committee to help you plan your corporate event in Kansas City. This will help you get input from employees about what they’d enjoy so that everyone has ownership and believes in the value of the event.

Generate excitement
Remember earlier when you recruited your management and fellow leaders to create that environment of excitement? Here’s where it comes in handy! Start talking up the event well ahead of the date.

You can also create fun internal promotions of the event!

Communicate & connect
At a major company-wide event, use the opportunity to make face-to-face, meaningful personal contact with your team to thank them, congratulate them, or communicate any other relevant messages.

Be present and show you care—even if that means totally schooling Sheryl from regional.

For smaller departmental events, encourage leaders and management to do the same.

Corporate events ideas in Kansas City

If like many other corporate managers and business owners, you’re more detail oriented and need help with the creative side of corporate event ideas, Paradise Park has you covered.

There are endless possibilities in the world of corporate events to not only help your team relax, but also bond and create amazing memories together that can easily translate back into the workplace and your workplace culture.

When we say endless, we mean it! But we won’t get too ahead of ourselves.

For now, to help get you started with brainstorming your own corporate events, here are some fun, non-conventional (and non-boring!) team-building activities at the top of our list:

Totally Non-Boring Corporate Event & Team Building Activities

Yard Games (like Cornhole, Giant Jenga, Barrel Pong, Soccer Ball Darts, or Giant Connect 4)
Pedal Go-Kart Races
Bumper Cars
Goat Yoga (yes, really!)
Escape Rooms
Miniature Golf
Batting Cages
Rock Wall
Laser Tag
Ping Pong
[Insert yummy food here] Eating Contest
Carnival Games (Feed the Penguin, Dunk Bucket, Barnstormers, Konk the Crow)
Athletic Corporate Challenges
Campfire Activities
Attending a Performance
Drinks in an Outdoor Garden

Just imagine you and your co-workers doing literally any of those things… Hilarious, right?

Our brains are already buzzing with the potential! Of course, every corporate event we host at Paradise Park is unique.

We design and build custom corporate events for companies across the Kansas City metro area so they can maximize their time outside the office!

Corporate event entertainment

Entertainment ideas for corporate events

Maybe we’re biased, but food is one of our favorite things to incorporate into our corporate event entertainment plan. In our experience, all of the best corporate events also have the best food!

View the Paradise Park Cafe Menu→

View the Paradise Park Catering Menu→

Some types of people find it easier to bond over a meal than an activity.

By offering food at your corporate event, you’ll ensure people not only have a chance to relax and enjoy a good meal or snack, but they’ll also get to have that amazing “standing in line for food” conversation that we all love so much 😉#Priceless

The most important thing about food, though, is that it’s more fuel for fun!

Letting people refuel can help ease any fatigue they feel from their activity-filled day, so the good times can keep on rolling. (No hangry party goers here!)

What now?

Now that you’ve got all of these great ideas, it’s time to plan! Be sure to give Paradise Park a call if you’ve decided to work with us for your next corporate event in Kansas City, and we’ll walk you through, step by step, everything you’ll need to know to get your event underway. #Ready

Regardless of which venue you pick for your corporate event, you should be sure to confirm with your staff that the event is ON!

A Save the Date once you’ve officially booked the venue and the date can be easily sent out as an email or calendar invite. If you have enough time, you could also make it feel even more special and print your Save the Date and send it in the mail or leave it on everybody’s desks before they arrive in the morning.

Corporate events companies in Kansas City

Paradise Park is your premier corporate event planner in Kansas City.

Our team designs, plans, and executes hundreds of corporate functions every year—it’s one of our favorite things to do.

After all, what better job could you ask for than helping people get out of their daily corporate routine and have some fun?!

You may just have too much fun planning your company’s corporate event with us.

Why Paradise Park for your corporate events in Kansas City?

Because we care—
Every single Paradise Park team member is dedicated to providing a welcoming, friendly, and fun service to our guests.

From the beginning, our company culture has reflected our values of Midwest hospitality; we treat the Park like our home, and Park visitors like guests in that home.

Because we can do it all—
Our corporate event planners in Kansas City are personally invested in ensuring your function goes off without a hitch, and that it’s everything you want it to be and more.

We can completely customize your group package so you can relax knowing your group will have the best possible time!

Because it’s fun—
The importance of play cannot be stressed enough. American culture is steeped in productivity and efficiency; but that doesn’t always make for an enjoyable lifestyle!

Taking a break from your everyday routine with a change of scenery and new activities can help relieve stress and provide a way for your team to bond over how Dave from marketing totally ruled that laser tag game or how the new guy’s hair stayed perfectly in place after a whole round of bumper cars!

Contact Paradise Park today.

Need a little more help? We get it. A blog post is awesome, but a visit is better!

We would love to help you plan your upcoming corporate event in Kansas City. Our event planners are resourceful, creative, organized, and LOVE having fun.

Paradise Park in Kansas City is a family-owned theme park and corporate event venue in Kansas City.

Only the nicest, friendliest, and most hard-working people are invited to join our team, so we can create a culture of fun and personal care in everything we do.

Let’s chat about your upcoming corporate event planning needs in Kansas City and devise a custom plan for the exact size and preferences of your team.

Contact us today to learn more or try our Group Planning Tool to get started. (Your employees will thank you later!)


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