Celebrate Summer

How to create a kid's summer bucket list

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We’re in the spirit of celebrating!

Taking time to celebrate is a really important thing to do with and for your child. A Summer Bucket List will help make sure you have a plan to celebrate summer all season long.
When we celebrate–take time to stop, cherish and affirm something–we show what we value.
Celebrating sparks joy, which facilitates learning. The process actually hardcodes in our children’s brains an association with joy whatever we are celebrating.
And, small celebrations matter. Maybe more than the big ones. The collection of little celebrations in our lives build the habit, and influence how our children grow to see their world. This can instill gratitude, which is an important life skill, too.

Create a Kids Summer “Bucket List” in a Bucket!

  1. Sit down with your child and brainstorm all the things you’d like to do together this summer.  It’s good to have a vision of what memories you’d like to make together. Think about how you want to feel (calm, excited, busy, peaceful), and what you want to accomplish for your family (spend down time together, have an adventure together, learn something new, visit friends).
  2. Get some colored markers and make your list colorful and fun.
  3. Once you all agree on the list, get the scissors out and cut the list into individual pieces. Put them in a fun summer beach bucket and draw out something each day or each week if you want to create a little spontaneity, or tape them on a calendar to create a plan.