Adventure Time Theme

Dinosaur Week in DP

Discovery Play Adventure Time Theme of the Week: Dinosaurs
Sunday, March 24 through Saturday, March 30, 2019

It’s a “dino-mite time” in Discovery Play this week! When it comes to children’s activities in Kansas City, our Discovery Play center offers a combination of quality “together time” as children do what they do best: learn through play that allows them to discover, imagine and experience the world around them. This week you can explore dinosaurs together at Paradise Park during Adventure Time!

What is Adventure Time?

It’s an additional activity you and your child can participate in during your visit and exploring in Discovery Play. Our friendly Paradise Park Play Facilitator engages our young guests in celebrating the theme of the week through 4 different activities: a story, interactive game, art project and cooking activity. Our curriculum is custom-designed by professionals who have put heart and soul into creating an enriching educational hands-on experience that is so much fun kids don’t even realize they are learning. Our program is inspired by unit studies, sensory play and experiential learning philosophies.

This Week’s Activities:

Performance Room

Imagination-capturing storytelling followed by a unique interactive activity that connects to the story and provides great kinesthetic learning.

This week:Kids and their grown-ups will delight in a story about bedtime struggles kids will relate to, How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen.  Our “Meet & Greet” game will challenge their minds as they play “detective” and try to identify dinosaurs based on the Play Facilitator’s clues.

Art Studio

Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to have a mess at home!

This week:The group will stomp on over like dinosaurs to the Art Studio, where our art projects stimulate creative thinking. As a group, children will love making a “Dinosaur Egg Hatching.” They’ll choose their favorite baby dinosaur stamp and sponge paint a speckle effect on a 2-part cracked egg die. The three self-guided projects include making “Prehistoric Impression” rubbings, decorating a dinosaur by “stomping” colorful Do-a-Dot paints on their artwork, and gluing tissue paper “scales” on a brontosaurus.

Cooking Station

Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. The Cooking Station teaches children to try new foods, work together and learn measuring skills. And, it’s just plain fun!

This week: Dinosaur fans will devour a Dinosaur Duo treat they make themselves, creating “scales” on a dinosaur cookie with chocolate chips, and a rolling leftover dough to form a special dinosaur egg!

And, don’t miss the outdoor Dinosaur Dig at Paradise Park!

Be sure to spend some time together at our Dinosaur Dig on your visit! In our Outdoor Children’s Garden, dinosaur lovers will enjoy doing their very own excavation to discover what is buried in the sand right here at Paradise Park!

Explore More

Here are some additional ideas and resources to spark more curiosity at home about dinosaurs:

Create Your Own Dinosaur Dig at Home

When you imagine, design and build things together, you’re also building your relationship.

Brainstorm – Sit down with a piece of paper and think out loud about what you’d like to do. Do you want to make your dinosaur dig indoors to use all year long (in a box or plastic bowl or tub), or outdoors where the mess is easier to deal with (use a plastic baby swimming pool or a spot in the yard)? Do you want a large or small dig? Will you bury small dinosaur toys or find some plastic dinosaur bones? Or make your own dinosaur bones with homemade playdough? What dinosaurs do you have? Do you need more? What’s the best material to bury them in? Maybe play sand for an outdoor dig, or flour for an indoor dig.

Draw it – draw a picture together of what you want to make. It will help you visualize together, and plan for the next step.

Make a list – make a list of the materials you need to construct your small or large, indoor or outdoor dinosaur dig!

Build it – Once you’ve gotten your materials, continue with the collaboration and build it together. Ask for help when you need it, that’s great experience for teaching the value of being resourceful.




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