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Alphabet ManiaLetters are the building blocks of
our language. This field trip focuses on students
having fun with the alphabet.

Dinosaurs: This educational discovery
lets students travel through the Mesozoic Era building dinosaurs, exploring characteristics of dinosaurs, making dinosaur eggs and other options for great hands-on learning.

Force & Motion: Make science fun as students
“climb into” the principles of simple machines, gravity, friction, mechanical advantage, and balanced & unbalanced forces on the Rock Wall. 

Geography Games: This featured field trip includes mapping, wayfinding, history of our states and a climb on the Rock Wall.

Math Counts: Our field trip focuses on applying mathematical
concepts of every kind–calculations, measurements, geometry–and incorporating them into real life situations.

Matter Matters:  Students will explore the relationships of
density and other factors causing different states of matter.

Rocks, Minerals, & Fossils: Rocks and minerals comprise most of the abiotic world around us. Knowledge of rocks, minerals and fossils will help students understand the ever-changing dynamics of earth. Exploring the rock cycle to making and eating a cross-section of sedimentary rocks are just 2 of the exciting activities waiting for you at the Park.

Spring PlantingPlants are a highlight in the spring,
and we bring it right to our Park with spring planting.
This field trip focuses on the basics of botany and plant life cycles.

Weather and Seasons: The Midwest U.S. certainly has all four seasons in extreme forms throughout the year! Students will learn the tools meteorologists use, make their own weather predictions, become more aware of different weather conditions, and learn to appreciate each season through our four interactive activities.

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Animals on the FarmRecognize farm animals and their sounds, identify the animals important to us.

Colors, Patterns, Shapes: This field trip explores shapes, colors, sequences and patterns.

Ecology: Teachers focus on using our educational play areas to help our young learners understand the concept of adaptation, fill biomes with animals, and discover the details of animal environments.

Healthy Habits: Our 7-foot-tall, stuffed science mascot allows all of our students to open him up and find all his organs. 

Fall Harvest: Most kids never get a chance to experience life on the farm, so we celebrate with bountiful fun as the students take a hayride and learn about all the activities that take place on the farm.

Fatal Vision: This field trip is geared toward sharing an awareness of the negative effects that drugs and alcohol abuse can produce.

Five Senses FunPreschool and elementary students learn about our five senses. All of our senses help us be aware of how everything affects us each day.