Adventure Time Theme

Educational fun things for kids to do in Kansas City

Discovery Play Adventure Time Weekly Themes – October and November 2019

When you are looking for educational fun things for kids to do in Kansas City, our Discovery Play center is designed just for families with kids 7 and under. In addition to the 30+ indoor and outdoor play stations, we offer Adventure Time, which combines learning with fun through an educational, fun themed story, art and cooking project facilitated by our friendly Play Facilitators at scheduled times every day all throughout the year.

Adventure Times:
Mon-Thurs: noon, 2pm, 4pm
Fri&Sat: noon, 2pm, 4pm
Sun: 2pm, 4pm

Adventure Time is an Educational and Fun Thing for Kids to do in Kansas City

What is Adventure Time? It’s something special at Paradise Park. Our educational specialists have poured their hearts into creating curriculum that is unique, interactive, fun AND educational. Kids don’t even realize they are learning because they’re having so much fun. It lasts about a half hour and is facilitated by our friendly Play Facilitators.

Educational, Experiential, Hands-on, Sensory and Imaginative Learning Activities Included in Adventure Time:

Performance Room

Imagination-capturing storytelling followed by a unique interactive activity that connects to the story and provides great kinesthetic learning.

Art Studio

Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to have a mess at home!

Cooking Station

Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. The Cooking Station teaches children to try new foods, work together and learn measuring skills. And, it’s just plain fun!


November’s Weekly Themes:

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