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How to plan the best weekend ever with your family

Family Activities in Kansas City

by the Local Experts of Fun at Paradise Park

Summer is here (wahoo!), and that means more time with the kids (yay!). And that also means coming up with things to do…

While you may feel like you’re seeing them more while they’re not in school, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing as spending quality time together.

As the team running Paradise Park in Kansas City for the past 3 decades, we know a thing or two about having fun.

So, we put our noggins together and came up with some ideas to make it easy for parents to think through some options for families with kids of all ages.

Here’s your all-in-one place guide to making the most of family activities in Kansas City to help you and your family spend quality time together this weekend and all season long.

Family Activities to Do at Home

First thing’s first—as much as we love having fun going and doing out and about, we all acknowledge that spending time at home with your family is sometimes the best way to pack in quality time together!

Here’s the trick: be intentional about how you spend your family time. Just because everyone is at home at the same time doesn’t mean you’re actually using that time wisely when it comes to creating those moments and memories that matter.

Set time aside on the calendar for an official “family night” for a specific activity, or a night full of activities, and hype up your kids throughout the week leading up to the “event.”

If they’re old enough to understand the concept, you can even create little “invitations” with a date, time, and place listed. (This is a great way to incorporate any kind of theme you can dream up!)

And the maybe-even-more-important trick #2: approach it all with a light heart. We parents can sometimes get our minds set on things happening in a certain way at a certain time, and maybe get a little uptight when things don’t work out the way we hoped/planned/imagined.

Make your plans for sure! “It’s easier to change a plan than make one,” right?! But try to hold your plans loosely. Remember your long-term goal is to build relationships. You want to enjoy the people you’re planning with and for. Try not to get too invested in the “what,” and do invest in the journey of it.

Breathe. Keep breathing. Smile. Laugh at yourself. Remember what matters is how everyone feels while they are together — you want to create laughter, love and good times, not stress, tension and disappointment.

That said, here are some ideas for fun activities to do as a family within the comfort of your home that will help you create memories to last a lifetime.

(As an added bonus, many of these activities are more than just fun. They’re educational! After all, many times the best way to learn is through play.)

Family Activities to Do Together at Home

All of these activities are not only a great way to spend time with your kids at any age, but it’s also a great way to teach them valuable life skills. You may also even uncover new interests and talents along the way!

  • Help the kids put on a play for their friends and neighbors
  • Host a “backyard circus” for kids to show off their outdoor talents. This could include bike riding, trampoline tricks, cartwheels, stilt walking, skateboarding, or even pogo stick jumping!
  • Create an “invention” that includes drawings or mockups and a creative name. Just type for “maker” movement in your search engine.
  • Try out a new (or old) board game. There’s nothing like the classics—Mouse Trap, Life… Cheesy Parcheesy anyone?
  • Build a giant fort that uses every sheet and blanket in the house, then watch a movie underneath.
  • Garden (The benefits of this life-long skill can not be underscored enough!)
  • Role play scenarios like restaurant, hospital, White House… the possibilities are endless!
  • Make a fire. This could include teaching kids how to build one, fire safety, and of course, making s’mores (optional but always encouraged!).
  • Create a “scavenger hunt” with your kids for friends and neighbors.
  • Create a “scavenger hunt” for your kids with clues only they would know the answer to.
  • Water play (sprinklers, small pools, slip-and-slides, etc.)
  • Arts & Crafts (try experimenting with different mediums!)
  • Try out a new recipe, either by cooking or baking. Dig out an old family favorite—how long has it been since you made your Grandma’s cola cake?!
  • Create a kid-friendly “mystery” party for your kids to solve, like the classic ‘missing cookie from the cookie jar!’

Oh, and family activities don’t have to be limited to just your family. Try inviting family friends over for added fun.

Creating traditions with other families enriches life as you create memories and laughs you’ll re-tell at weddings and get togethers for a lifetime! Monday night dinners, monthly game nights, backyard barbecues are all the fodder for great stories.

Another perk to any of these activities is that they can be as extravagant or as low-budget as you want them to be. Depending on your child’s age, they may be more impressed by the effort you put into the activity than the activity itself.

Once you’ve exhausted this list, played every board game, and baked every last cookie, your kids may still feel fairly antsy being at home this summer.

That’s when you know it’s time for a new adventure!

Adventurous Weekend Activities in Kansas City

If you’re looking for activities outside the four walls of your home, there are plenty of options for weekend activities in Kansas City!

Going on an “adventure” with your family can mean anything from trying a new restaurant to going on a road trip.

If you’re looking for an adventurous weekend activity for your family this summer in Kansas City, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves just for you!

Take a Road Trip

There are a ton of mini road trips or day trips out of Kansas City you can easily take without a strain on your budget.

The best way to plan a road trip out of Kansas City is to pick a destination with lots of free activities.

A new park or free sight-seeing opportunities, museums, lakes, or World’s-Biggest-Ball-of-Yarn-style attractions (conveniently located in Western Kansas!) are all great options for a family road trip out of KC.

Just imagine: Mom in the driver’s seat, Dad in the passenger seat with a gigantic map (whether you use it for real or for pretend is your prerogative!) and the kids in the backseat with lots of snacks, jamming to their favorite songs with the windows rolled down.

That’s an image that’ll be hard to forget.

And if your kids are younger, you may even be able to get away with calling a trip across town a “road trip” – ahh, the good ol’ days!

Our favorite part of taking road trips with our families is that often times, the journey becomes more meaningful than the destination.

Make an “event” out of your road trip: load up on snacks, queue your favorite songs, and map your route in advance. Who knows… they may even be bitten by the travel bug along the way!

Go shopping

Yes, really! Kansas City shopping experiences are like no other. Places like the River Market offer access to colorful and nutritious fare, including tons of ethnic options.

You can also shop for knick-knacks and starter plants to use in your own garden. (It’s also got a killer view!)

The Country Club Plaza is another great place to go shopping and sight-seeing, especially on a sunny day.

Depending on your kids’ age, you can also use this shopping trip as an opportunity to teach them about architecture and challenge them to find different features that interest them.

For another shopping trip idea, head up to Zona Rosa or The Legends in KCK. Even a trip to the grocery store can be an adventure when you invite your children to participate!

Overall, the key to taking your family on a shopping trip in the summer is to emphasize the trip as an “experience” and not a way to buy things.

Otherwise, you may never hear the end of it! #MomCanWeBuyThis?!

Visit Paradise Park

Shameless plug—Paradise Park is one of our favorite places for families to experience adventure and play together all year long.

Paradise Park is family-owned, and was specifically designed for families to enjoy each other’s company and spend quality time together in fun.

That means our activities are fun for all ages and abilities. You won’t just be pandering to your child’s definition of fun; it’s just as fun for moms and dads, too!

We offer a variety of unconventional indoor AND outdoor family activities and attractions. Go on an adventure by trying a new activity like:

All of these activities and more are a great way to think outside the box when it comes to your weekend family activities in Kansas City.

Imagine laughing through a hysterical round of bumper cars where dad literally can’t stop smiling, or speeding past mom in a rumbling go kart and you’ll see how our own family has made as many amazing memories as we have at Paradise Park.  #FistBumpingAllAround #TakeThatKevin

“When I was little, I loved to play mini golf with my grandparents!”

– Courtney, avid Paradise Park fan

Undertaking these kinds of adventurous experiences are easy when you let Paradise Park take the [go-kart] wheel. Just show up, pick your activity, and be whisked away to hours of fun!

Other Family Activities in Kansas City

Celebrating life and family is easy at Paradise Park. Our goal in creating our amusement park was to build and maintain a fun, safe space for families in Kansas City to bond, learn, and most importantly, play.

That’s because we believe in the value of experiences, not things, to build connections and relationships!


Paradise Park is a great venue for a summer birthday party! We offer special packages for kids, tweens/teens, and adults!

And, we’ve been voted Kansas City’s favorite place to have a birthday party for 7 years in a row! We think that’s because we make it stress-free for parents, and totally awesome fun kids and their friends talk about for years to come.

Family Reunions

Every generation finds something they enjoy in our 15-acre venue. From our outdoor Pavilion and Garden to fun indoor attractions, family reunions become unforgettable at Paradise Park.

Baby Showers

Celebrate your upcoming arrival with family and friends at our private event space in Kansas City. We can accommodate a variety of group sizes and will even help you with decorations!


Including the kids in your upcoming anniversary celebration is a great way to spend quality family time together in Kansas City. Whether you’re celebrating your 20th anniversary or your fourth, there’s no better place in KC to have a blast with the whole family than Paradise Park.

Upcoming Family Activities & Events in Kansas City

For Children 7 and Under

Paradise Park offers a variety of family events in Kansas City. Each week, our Discovery Play attraction offers a different “theme” to encourage hands-on activities for families with children under 7.

Just some of the 30 unique opportunities within our Discovery Play attraction include:

    • Adventure Time, which combines learning with fun through the weekly theme. This includes a story, an interactive game, an art project, and a cooking project.
    • An Outdoor Children’s Garden, featuring a Dinosaur Dig, Pretend Fishing, 2-Level Fort, Toddler Grass Maze, Hand-Sewn Teepees, and even a Playful Kinetics interactive art feature created by a local artist in Kansas City.
    • Pretend Village, an imaginative thinking attraction featuring a Hy-Vee Grocery Store, Fire Station, Paradise Pizzeria, Pretend Classroom, and even a dress-up area.
    • Face painting
    • Giant indoor climbing, Kangaroo Bounce and Frog Hop
    • Giant Building Block room
    • Miniature Play with dollhouses, barns and trains
    • Water Play room
    • Race Car Corner
    • Wild West Pony Ride
    • & more

We’ve found that our Discovery Play is especially fun for kids and their grandparents. It provides a place to play, learn, and form memories to last a lifetime!

For Children 8+

One of the most popular family events in Kansas City at Paradise Park this summer has been our Goat Yoga—say whaaat?! This trending experience is popular among kids and parents alike.

Basically, think of a perfect marriage between a petting zoo and a relaxing yoga experience. Yeah, we know it sounds absurd. That’s because it is… in the best way!

There’s a reason this event continually sells out for us.

This unique event is an adventure in itself. Try something new with your kids and book a spot for you and the kiddos at our next Goat Yoga in Kansas City! #YouWontKnowUntilYouTry

Family Activities in Kansas City

If you need any more ideas for family activities in Kansas City, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re spending your day with us at Paradise Park or elsewhere in the Kansas City area, we would love to help you plan the perfect day.

Feel free to contact us, check out our pricing, learn more about our day pass options and memberships,  or use our Group Planning Tool to design the perfect family reunion or weekend for you and your family of 15 or more.


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