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Discovery Play Adventure Time Weekly Themes – January

When you are looking for family friendly indoor activities in Kansas City, our Discovery Play center is designed just for families with kids 7 and under. In addition to the 30+ indoor and outdoor play stations, we offer Adventure Time, which combines learning with fun through an educational, fun themed story, art and cooking project facilitated by our friendly Play Facilitators at scheduled times every day all throughout the year.

Adventure Times:
Mon-Thurs: noon, 2pm, 4pm
Fri&Sat: noon, 2pm, 4pm
Sun: 2pm, 4pm

Adventure Time is a quality family-friendly indoor activity in Kansas City

What is Adventure Time? It’s something special at Paradise Park. Our educational specialists have poured their hearts into creating curriculum that is unique, interactive, fun AND educational. Kids don’t even realize they are learning because they’re having so much fun. It lasts about a half hour and is facilitated by our friendly Play Facilitators.

Educational, Experiential, Hands-on, Sensory and Imaginative Learning Activities Included in Adventure Time:

Performance Room

Imagination-capturing storytelling followed by a unique interactive activity that connects to the story and provides great kinesthetic learning.

Art Studio

Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to have a mess at home!

Cooking Station

Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. The Cooking Station teaches children to try new foods, work together and learn measuring skills. And, it’s just plain fun!


To kick off the month of January, we’re celebrating Snowmen this week! Join us for Adventure Time in Discovery Play. It’s a great indoor activity for kids in Kansas City.

Performance – Reading is a great indoor activity! Our friendly Play Facilitators will engage children and their grown-ups with a snowy story about a little bear who awakens from his winter slumber to discover the wonder of a snowy wonderland in the book, Snow Friends by M. Christina Butler. As great as the snow is, he discovers that life is more fun with friends and he figures out how to “make” a new one. Afterward we’ll connect the story to an interactive game. This week, kids will enjoy taking turns rolling giant dice to see what number they get, then toss that many furry “snowballs” into a bucket while everyone counts. (Shhhhh…don’t tell but they’ll actually be learning while they play!)

Art Studio – Art is another great indoor activity. Our featured art project is a Snowflake Headband made with die cut snowflakes and really cool self-inking stamps. Children and their grown-ups will follow basic instructions and use their small motor skills to create their own version of this frost-inspired top.

Additionally, you and your child can get your creative juices flowing even more at the three self-guided art tables. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to make a mess at home!  Choose from a variety of projects: a Fluffy Snowman using white paint as “glue” for decorating , a Snowman Magnet for your refrigerator at home, and Frosty’s Necklace to wear and celebrate winter!

Cooking Station – And kids love cooking, it’s a great indoor activity when the weather is cold outside. It’s so much fun to mix a little creativity and imagination with ordinary ingredients and watch them turn into amazing treats. Kids will get a kick out of creating a Roll-a-Ball Snowman that tastes delicious!

Our Discovery Play center is our version of a children’s museum. And remember, you can always add Foam Factory play to your Discovery Play admission. It’s called a Flex Pass. Just ask our friendly team member when you purchase your wristband.


Week 2: Superheroes Week (Jan 12 – 18)

Bam! Pow! Boom! It’s all superheroes and caped crusaders this week in Discovery Play as we imagine, create and celebrate our favorite superheroes! Put on your favorite costume and come pretend with us!

If you’re looking for family-friendly indoor activities for kids in Kansas City, our Discovery Play center is our version of a children’s museum, offering an enriching experience with entertaining educational and fun activities designed to help you connect with your child and make great memories!

Performance – Paradise Park’s friendly Play Facilitator will take kids through a lively book called Superhero ABC by Bob McLeod. It’s a delightful, inventive book with a unique character for every letter.  Then, they’ll play Paradise Park’s Superhero Matching Game with kiddos afterward. Such a fun family-friendly indoor activity!

Art Station – Pretending to be their favorite superhero, the group will fly, zoom or zip over to the Art Studio, where some of the projects will help children pretend play. During Adventure Time they’ll invent their own superhero name and decorate a Superhero Headband. Later at the self-directed tables they can construct a Superhero Shield, make a Blue Ribbon to give to the superhero in their life, and put together a Super Hero puppet with a special cape.

Cooking Station – After they finish their superhero art project, they’ll use their chef superpowers in the Cooking Station where they’ll make their very own “S is for Superhero” treat to eat after it bakes. While they wait, they’ll announce to the group their official superhero name and what their special powers are!

And don’t miss the opportunity to dress up and meet some real superheroes! Saturday, January 18 is our VIP Breakfast! Learn more here.



Week 3: Popcorn & PJs (Jan 19 – 25)

When winter comes, we love to hang out in our PJs… and this week you don’t have to get out of them! We are inviting our little guests to come play at Paradise Park in their pajamas because we’re having our own little pajama party during Adventure Time in Discovery Play! We’ve got amazing family-friendly indoor activities for kids in Kansas City here!

Performance – This week our friendly Play Facilitators will be reading a super fun story about a pajama party (and they might even be wearing their PJs, too!) Following the story, everyone will enjoy a unique interactive activity that connects to the book, and provides great kinetic learning. This week, we’re all gonna to work together to pretend “pop” our own giant “popcorn” using a “Popper Parachute!”

Art Studio – Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. The projects for our Popcorn & Pajamas theme are so fun! Together as a group, we will make a Silly Popcorn Man to keep you company while you lounge in your jammies and chomp on some popcorn at home! After Adventure Time, you can return to the Art Studio and the 3 self-directed projects: 1) Create a quilt for your puppet, because no pajama party is complete without a comfy cover up. 2) Construct your very own adorable mini puppet person with their very own colorful checkered pajamas. 3) Make your very own artsy Movie Popcorn collage!

Cooking Station – Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. We’ll top off our pajama day with a Pajama Party Popcorn Mix!

At every opportunity, we stir imaginations, spark curiosity and encourage enthusiasm for learning.

Week 4: Superbowl Celebration (Jan 26 – Feb 2)

Are you ready for some football? We are! Our young guests get in the Superbowl spirit in this week’s Discovery Play theme. It’s more creative family-friendly indoor activities for kids in Kansas City!

Performance – Our friendly Play Facilitator will kick off Superbowl Celebration week with a fun and original Story Time, when kids will read about the sights and sounds of a football player’s life in the book, If I Were a Kansas City Chief by Joseph C. D’Andrea. Then, the children will act out their very own pretend football practice as they take turns aiming and throwing Velcro footballs at an inflatable football field!

Art Studio – You’ll get a “kick” out of the football-themed art projects available this week, too. While having fun, we’ll also empower children with experiences that build small motor skills strengths and instill decision making confidence as they make choices involved in creating art. As a group in Adventure Time, kids will design two helmets, including the two teams playing in the Superbowl, along with their team colors and logos. After Adventure Time, you can enjoy creating other self-directed projects to use for decorations at your own Super Bowl party, including a collage, a “confetti” covered football, and a jersey with your favorite name and number on it!

Cooking Station – What’s the Superbowl without food?! Because the Superbowl is historically the biggest day for pizza delivery of the entire year, kids will catch the Superbowl spirit even more as they make their very own mini pizza to eat and enjoy after it bakes!


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