Travel Back In Time


Exploring Dinosaurs

PreK – 4th Grade

Millions of years have helped shape our planet, and dinosaurs
dominated Earth for many of those years. This educational
discovery lets students travel through the Mesozoic Era and
features numerous options for great hands-on learning.

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following creative stations
for their students to:

  • Make a fossilized dinosaur egg, name dinosaurs, or
    construct a dinosaur skeleton from assorted bones
    in the art studio.
  • Discover new and interesting facts of the Mesozoic Era
    as our Earth was evolving and serving as the home
    of dinosaurs. (in the Performance area)
  • Build and eat a “tar pit” complete with edible dinosaurs,
    in the children’s Cooking station.
  • Construct dinosaur skeletons from the fossil remains
    found in Paradise Park’s “tar pit.”
  • Draw in a “How to Name a Dinosaur” book,
    complete with fun facts and unique attributes.