A Safe Experience to Teach Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Fatal Vision

Fatal Vision

5th – 10th Grade

Drugs and alcohol drastically change a person’s behavior. This field trip is geared toward sharing an awareness of the negative
effects that drugs and alcohol abuse can produce. We focus on teaching young teens about the senses they lose when they abuse drugs and alcohol, while educating how students create dangerous situations when they lose control of their faculties.

Students will use Fatal Vision Simulator Goggles to:

• Perform a variety of gross motor skills, along with cognitive activities, to gather and record data as it relates to interpreting the results of alcohol and drug impairment.
• Perform a series of simple activities with daytime vs. nighttime, moderate or high impairment goggles, and then compare those same activities without goggles.
• Summarize the experiences of the field trip and share the results to determine the potentially fatal consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.

Teachers may combine activities from another field trip with this field trip topic.