Fun Ways to Explore Taste, Touch, See, Smell & Hear

Five Senses Fun

Five Senses Fun

PreK – 2nd Grade

Preschool and elementary students learn what makes our bodies work. All of our senses help us become aware of how everything affects us each day. This field trip focuses on the work our body does, even when we don’t know it is working, through fun and creative activities.

Teachers may select up to 4 of the below following creative learning stations for their students to learn about what
what makes their bodies work! 

  • Explore the senses while making an edible snowman.
  • Construct an “optical illusion” art project and learn about the eye and how vision works, as well as how the brain is “fooled” with an optical illusion.
  • Construct Mr. Potato Head with what he needs to use the five senses and then go on a “listening walk” with him to learn where sounds evolve, how the ear works, and identify the sounds while using listening skills.
  • Take turns smelling, listening, and touching items using your sense of smell, sound and touch.
  • Explore the senses, using scented and colored play dough.