Simple Machines

Force and Motion

Force and Motion + Simple Machines

1st – 7th Grade

Make science fun as students “climb into” the principles
of force and motion. This educational curriculum takes
advantage of all our unique facility has to offer to explore
science while enjoying a wide selection of our different
attractions. Applying scientific concepts will help students
understand the importance of science in our lives.

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following creative
learning stations, or combine activities from another
field trip with this topic.


Force & Motion

Discover Balance

  • Experience and determine balanced and unbalanced forces used to climb the rock wall.
  • Enjoy making an edible gravity treat while predicting and testing gravitational pull.
  • Determine the best materials to increase or decrease friction on surfaces.
  • Student will test students’ hypotheses of pulley systems and learn how to calculate the mechanical advantage, and physically move some of their classmates and determine the mechanical advantage of each pulley system.
  • Calculate your horsepower while learning about force, power, and work. Then compare how well you match up to this standard form of power measurement.

Simple Machines

Discover Mechanical Advantage

Discover the effects of mechanical advantage on moving objects on the tools our team has created to help all students grasp this concept.

  • Use your “student mass” to pull classmates using different pulley systems. See the mechanical advantage at work.
  • Explore the relationship between wheel and axle, wedges, screws, and inclined planes and identify their applications in our daily lives at the simple machines station.
  • Move a weight using inclined planes of various lengths and determine the mechanical advantage of each inclined plane.
  • Make cookie diagrams of one of the three classes of levers or inclined planes, and then eat the levers in our interactive cooking area.
  • Lift weights using all three lever systems and determine the mechanical advantage of each lever system.