Finding Your Way Through Fun


Geography Games

1st – 5th Grade

Understanding directions and finding your way is a very
important skill to have throughout your life. This field trip helps
students apply mapping and wayfinding
skills throughout our 15-acre Park, combining geographical
learning with fun. Through utilizing the unique teaching
tools our educators have constructed on site, they will
help all students better understand the principles of

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following creative learning stations, or combine activities from another
field trip with this field trip topic.

  • Observe the cardinal ordinates or compass during a creative cooking activity in the interactive cooking area.
  • Design a grid of the rock wall and then climb the wall, marking your progress on the grid map you created.
  • Build a map of the United States with regional produce common to a state and then display the products grown.
  • Travel to California in 1849 and pan for gold using our interactive panning stream. Each student can select 3 artifacts to take home from their field trip.
  • Make a map of Missouri or Kansas using grids, legends, and cardinal points.
  • Complete a map of the Kansas City area while learning the historical significance of locations.
  • Rain on Paradise City, then draw the city on a grid map complete with rain fall in each location.