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Math Counts

Math Counts

(Pre K – 7th Grade)

Math is the basic tool used throughout the world. Our field trip
focuses on applying mathematical concepts and incorporating
them into real life situations. (includes geometry, graphing,
money, addition, subtraction, multiplication, average, problem

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following below creative
stations, or combine activities from another field trip with
this field trip topic. 

• Make cookies, count the number of each item used, and then determine the cost of each cookie.
• Collect descriptive data and display the data on graphs after scaling our 24’ tall rock climbing wall.
• Construct pie, line, bar, and pictographs during a creative interactive activity at the “math counts” station.
• Count money, select and pay for items.
• Sort goods, count selections, and use math skills to determine the total price of different grocery items.
• Build circles, squares, and rectangles using triangles and other shapes to reinforce geometric math concepts

Identify geometric shapes within Paradise Park while participating in a geometric scavenger hunt around
our 15-acre indoor and outdoor park.

• Measure length, width, perimeter and area using
various mathematical units and devices in the mathematical station.

• Form patterns with food, money, animals and stamps.
• Our younger students practice basic math by creating a number book.
• Problem solve using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or averaging when given fun mathematical situations.
• Identify and explore facets and vertices of geometric solids using characteristics objects.