Explore Density and States of Matter

Matter Matters

Matter Matters

1st – 7th Grade

Science is fun especially when matter changes phases (states of matter). Students will explore the relationships of density and
other factors causing different states of matter.

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following below creative learning stations, or combine activities from another field trip with this field trip topic. 

• Create an edible snack using 3 states of matter and change in densities in our children’s cooking area.
• Explore the densities of gases, liquids and solids.
• Test and organize substances by density at the student-friendly activity station.
• Discover the mysteries of gases along with their mass and density.
• Use density to find gold and learn the trials of a gold miner in our unique panning stream that is filled with resources to discover. Each student can select 3 artifacts to take home from their field trip.