Discovering a Plant's Life Cycle

Spring Planting

Spring Planting

PreK – 2nd Grade

Plants are a highlight in the spring, and we bring it right to our Park with spring planting. This field trip focuses on the basics of botany and plant life. Enjoy the beauty of spring and learn how our seasons create life.

Students will enjoy learning about spring planting in the
following creative learning stations:

  • Make a “kid-friendly” take-home planter of three different
    plant seeds while learning about the parts.
  • Make an art project of a dicot seed. Learn the parts of a
    seed and what a seed needs to complete a plant’s life cycle.
  • Learn about the needs of soil, water, oxygen, and the sun’s heat that allow a seed to thrive in nature.
  • Dissect a seed to find the growing parts of a plant’s seed. Also, complete the story of a plant’s life cycle.
  • Learn about worms, dirt, and the seed’s needs while making a delicious snack in our one-of-a-kind children’s
    cooking area.