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Weather and Seasons

Weather and Seasons

K – 7th Grade

Weather can be exciting, especially the basic principles of how weather occurs. Weather is always changing in order to create the environment that helps all of us, and it creates the conditions that let our planet thrive.

Teachers may select up to 4 of the following creative learning stations, or combine activities from another field trip with this topic.

  • Learn how clouds are named and make “cumulus cloud cookies” in the interactive cooking area.
  • Draw today’s weather map and become a meteorologist to predict tomorrow’s weather.
  • Learn the symbols and concepts of a weather map and meet the meteorologist’s friends in the educational weather station: thermometers, barometers, measuring devices and more.
  • Explore the factors necessary to form tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Watch the water cycle happen and make a cloud at your desk.
  • Make a “four seasons” apple tree diagram.
  • Use rain gauges to record the rain fall on the fictional town of Paradise City.
  • Determine the effect of Earth’s tilt on seasons and explore the reason for each season and the changes we all see every year.