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How To Make Monsters Go Away

Here is another resource to encourage kids through working together:

Make Your Own Monster Spray (for kiddos who are scared of them at bedtime)

If your child has a fear of the dark or monsters at bedtime, Monster Spray empowers them to face that fear. Make it together!


  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • A drop of favorite essential oil
  • For a little color, you could try Color Fizzers or Tub Tints, they are an alternative to food coloring, which is known to stain
  • Label, stickers and/or or Sharpies to decorate the bottle

Encourage your child to decide a good name for their monster spray while you work. Decorate the outside of the bottle, and label it! Fill the spray bottle with water, drop in the essential oil, and color if you choose to, and shake. When bedtime comes around, let your child spray under the bed, in the closet, around the window or door, wherever the “monster problem area” might be. You could even leave the bottle beside the bed in case they need it during the night.

Wallah! Monsters be gone!