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Halloween Activities for Kids in Kansas City

Halloween Activities for Kids in Kansas City

No one wants to get dressed up with nowhere to go. That’s why having planned Halloween activities for kids in Kansas City is the best way to prepare for Halloween this year!

First, the obvious: Trick or Treating

finding halloween activities for kids in kansas city is easy!

This tradition has been shared across generations, and now it’s your turn to pass it on!

Here are a few tips we have when it comes to trick or treating. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a veteran of the trick-or-treat game, reminding yourself of a few helpful tips is always a good refresher!


Teach your kids in advance about acceptable and non-acceptable trick-or-treat behavior. Iterate how to ask and receive candy politely, and remind them that they should not eat any candy until you’ve checked it first.

Time it Right.

Try to coordinate as best you can with your friends and neighbors. Typically, trick or treating begins around dinner time and goes until sun-down. But every neighborhood is different! Some don’t participate at all, some have specific times, and some offer other alternatives. Be sure of the plan before you leave the house so your kiddos don’t get disappointed!

Find a Buddy.

When possible, go with a group. While you and your child may want to make the perilous trek alone, trick or treating is always better with friends! This tip is especially helpful for those parents whose neighborhoods do not participate. Visit a different neighborhood and explore these houses with your friends and their family instead!

Know the Signals.

Although the general rule on Halloween is to turn your porch light on when you’re open for business, this tradition may not always apply depending on the neighborhood. Again, this is where coordinating in advance will be helpful.

Check Candy.

Always always always check over your child’s candy before they snack. While the occurrence of Halloween-candy tampering is rare, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Check for half-opened or open wrappers, odd smells, unusual appearance or discoloration, and anything else that does not feel right for you. Never allow homemade items or baked goods unless you personally know the person that gave them out. If your child is younger, you should also remove choking hazards like gum or hard candies.

Halloween Party Ideas & Other Halloween Activities for Kids in Kansas City

halloween activities for kids in kansas city includes pumpkin carving and more

While it may seem like trick or treating has a monopoly on Halloween fun, we’d respectfully disagree! There are a variety of other ways to celebrate Halloween and party with your friends and family!

Classroom Parties

Next to trick or treating, classroom parties may be number two on the list of popular Halloween celebration ideas. You should try to be as prepared as possible, as school Halloween parties typically take place before Halloween itself. If your child’s school is encouraging costumes, be sure it’s ready at least the night before! (Because procrastination struggle is real.) 

Your child may also be required to bring candy, snacks, drinks, or other treats to help contribute to the party.

Trunk or Treat

“Trunk or Treat” has gained wide popularity among smaller communities where traditional neighborhood trick or treating is scarce or unsafe. But it’s also just a fun, imaginative way to spend even more time crafting and brainstorming with your kids! 

Typically, parents of elementary school children are invited to the school on the night of or the night before Halloween. All cars are parked with their trunks facing the center of a parking lot. Kids then “trick or treat” each car’s trunk.

Parents are encouraged to decorate their trunks using their wildest, crazy ideas! Just search “trunk or treat ideas” and you’ll see what we’re talking about! 

Some schools will also offer additional Halloween activities for kids or adults, like food and drinks, movie showings, music, and more.

halloween activities for kids in kansas city - tips from paradise park

House Party

Ahh, the classic Halloween house party. (No, this is not the kegger you had in college.) We’re talking about a family friendly get-together! 

Inspiration is everywhere for different decorations and activities you can use to get into the spirit of Halloween. You can check Pinterest and ask around for ideas from friends and family. Better yet, have the kids help! 

Some of the best Halloween parties at home use a specific theme, such as “underwater” or era-themed parties like “1970’s” to help give guests an idea of what to expect and how to dress up. You can also design your invitations, gift bags, and even your music to match!

Movie Night(s)

Curl up with the kids, the dog, and a million blankets – it’s about to get spooky! Having a movie night with fun Halloween treats and yes, even breaking out the costumes, can be one of the most fun ways to celebrate Halloween from the comfort of your home. There are tons of options available for scary movies for kids. Then when the kids are in bed, you can break out the good stuff!

Find the best Halloween activities for kids in Kansas City

On top of the usual daily dose of fun you’ll find at Paradise Park (with everything from bumper cars to mini golf) we’re also proud to bring you a clean, fun, safe way to enjoy Halloween with your kids this year.

With activities every weekend from the end of September through Halloween, we invite you to visit us anytime to make memories, bond with your family, and most of all, experience a little fright!

Contact us today if you have questions or would like more information about Fright Nights at Paradise Park.


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