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Living Dead Haunts at Paradise Park

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    recommended 8+ and 13+

  • Combo Deal

    only $45 includes: Living Dead Haunted House & 2 Escape Rooms, Infection Laser Tag and Haunted Laser Tag Hayride

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    only $30

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    $16 each

You don't have to go downtown...

Fright Nights at Paradise Park

We have created a group of haunted house attractions in Kansas City in a wide range of experiences and scarey-levels. For the little chickens who want to be scared but are a little reluctant, we've got something for you. This would also include younger guests beginning to explore haunted houses and haunted attractions, and their parents who may not be sure they're ready for a super scare yet.

For thrill-seekers looking for a nightmare that really might make you pee your pants, we've got something for you, too, thanks to our award-winning haunted house partner, Haunted Visions.

What makes ours different?

Our facility is located in a safe, friendly part of town. Our ample parking lot is well lit and right out front so it's very safe. And FREE parking! Our ambiance provides a lovely transition (and mental break) from one haunt experience to the next as you amble through our beautifully landscaped back yard with clean, well-manicured sidewalks and lights strung through the trees.

Our pricing is affordable. You can bundle haunts and save!

We have a spectrum of scare levels so that everyone can find the experience they’re looking for.

Enjoy hot chocolate or adult beverages in our outdoor bar, and s’mores around the campfire.

And after you’ve gotten your pants scared off, put them back on and hang out for some of the light-hearted fun you’ll find around here: Go Karts, Bumper Cars, Arcade Game Room, Laser Tag and more…

Living Dead Haunted House


AN AWARD-WINNING HAUNTED HOUSE IN KANSAS CITY - Rather than wander through a scary maze, you'll find yourself in an even more frightening open-world environment, vulnerable to unseen terrors and an exit that is difficult to find. Every time you enter it's a different experience, so do it again and again if you dare.


For ages 13+ Scare Factor: High Type: Open Style Haunted House Indoor/Outdoor

Living Dead Escape Rooms [2 for 1]


ESCAPE THE LIVING DEAD – A scary escape room experience unlike anything else. You’re locked in a small room with a member of the undead…will panic overtake you? Will you be able to solve the puzzles you need to get out? Work with your companions to evade the zombie starting to break free. You’ve got 5 minutes to find out, or lose your mind…

CIRCUS OF THE LIVING DEAD – This might be the longest 5 minutes of your life. It’s a terrifying escape room nightmare, especially if clowns creep you out…You are trapped in a tiny room with a sadistic clown, determined to recruit you to become a permanent member of his Circus of Death. Can you get yourself out before he unleashes all of his undead clowns on you?


For ages 13+

Scare Factor: Medium – High
Type: Escape Room



2 Laser Tag Options


Infection Laser Tag

Operation Laser Tag Arena

There’s a deadly infection threatening to eliminate humanity. You’re on a quest to find the source and eliminate it, without being infected yourself. A dark, enclosed labyrinth, scary¬† music and flashing lights make finding and fighting them a frightening experience…survive if you can.


Haunted Laser Tag Hayride

Through the back acreage of Paradise Park

Riding through the twists and turns in our dark woods on a tractor-pulled trailer, you and your companions are trying to make it through safely. Until you get to the end, you wait like sitting ducks for whatever scary creatures are after you. Armed with your laser tag guns, you might make it…



For ages 8+

Scare Factor: Low-Medium
Type: Laser Tag
Indoors, Outdoors