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Play the Hidden Mickey Game

Did you know that “hidden Mickeys” have appeared in every Disney full-length animated feature film since the very beginning with the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937? Apparently they started as a joke between Walt Disney and the artists (called Imagineers). It’s now become a popular game for fans to search for hidden Mickeys at the theme parks and in the movies.

“Search and find” games provide many developmental and skill-based benefits for children:

1. They help develop visual perception – Searching for objects helps children’s brains develop the ability to recognize items in a variety of contexts

2. They aid in promoting attention to detail – Finding objects requires focus and attention to detail, that will develop even more with practice!

3. They assist in learning perseverance – The process of looking for objects increases concentration, persistence and determination.

4. They build self-confidence – The thrill and satisfaction of being the first one to find Mickey helps a child know that they are capable!

This is a perfect activity to have both entertaining and educational fun together at home, too!

Plan a family Disney cartoon movie night to celebrate at home this week and try to find the hidden Mickey shapes! Here are a couple of websites that can help: OhMy.disney.com or MentalFloss.com.

This is the shape to look for:

hidden Mickey shape