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Ice Cream Themed Activities for Kids to Do at Home

At every opportunity, we help create connections, inspire imaginations, foster fun, and make memories. Keep the ice cream theme going after you leave the Park! Here are some tips and ideas:

Create Your Own Pretend Ice Cream Parlor at Home

Imaginative play is so beneficial for youngsters. Research has shown that it helps kids be more creative, perform better in school and develop strong problem-solving skills. When our children use their imaginations, they are engaging in learning by using all their senses to take in their environment and make decisions about how they interact with others and respond to situations. You can foster this type of play easily at home! This week, gather props and have fun with them as you create a Pretend Ice Cream Parlor! What are some of the things you’ll need? Here’s a list to get you started!

    • Ice cream scoops
    • Paper “cones”
    • Empty ice cream tubs
    • Play money/cash register
    • Apron and hat
    • Order pads/pencils
    • Wipe-off board “menu”
    • Empty whipped cream spray cans
    • Empty sprinkles containers
    • Empty chocolate syrup dispensers