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Kid-friendly 4th of July Activities to Do at Home

More ideas for celebrating the 4th of July with kids, and making memories together:

Start Some 4th of July Traditions

Holidays are such a perfect time for making memories and creating family bonding moments. Traditions help create a sense of belonging within our families, especiall when you find the perfect kid-friendly 4th of July activities. The experiences we share help instill values that children carry on throughout their lives.

We love to be part of family traditions and hope you make happy memories with your kids when you come to Paradise Park! And we love to support families however we can–here at the Park, in the community, and at home. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you look for kid-friendly 4th of July activities and plan for your family-friendly Independence Day celebrations!

Make Fun Foods

    • Any red, white and blue food will do! Strawberries, blueberries and marshmallows are a great combination to put on some skewers and have fun making patterned red, white and blue kabobs.
    • Use white icing and berries to create a patriotic dessert.
    • Make your own red, white and blue popsicles, freezing one color layer at a time with Kool-Aid or juice.
    • Try a fruit puree/smoothie – Use frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas, blend each separately and layer the colors to create a red, white and blue treat.

Paint Patriotic Decorations

    • Dip a few star cookie cutters in red, white and blue paint and let kids have fun stamping stars on paper.
    • Paint your child’s hand print in patriotic colors.
    • Tie red, white and blue streamers to a wire shape to hang in the breeze.
    • Use recycled glass jars, Mod Podge and red, white and blue tissue paper to make candle holders.
    • Make your own 4th of July t-shirts. Use plain white t-shirts and acrylic paint. You can use masking tape to create lines, and sponges to dab the paint on. Simply hang them in the sun to dry then put i