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Learn About Cows

Here are some additional ideas and resources to inspire more curiosity about cows:

Can you speak Cow?

One of the first animals sounds children learn to make is “mooooo.” But do we know why cows moo? What are they actually “cow-municating” (or com-moooo-nicating)?” Enjoy a fun discussion with your child about the meaning of moo!

  • Curiosity – When something interesting or unusual is going on, cows sniff and moo as a way to investigate.
  • Finding friends – Cows are social animals and like to hang out (that’s why they have herds). They moo to let other cows know where they are, or to find other cows. When cows moo, they are actually having conversations with their friends.
  • To express their anger – Cows are pretty chill, but when they get mad, they do moo. Usually the male cows are the ones who have the worst temper. Their mad moo usually sounds angry.
  • When they want to be milked – Cows let their farmers know when they are ready to be milked with a moo. They aren’t very demanding animals, but they do like to be milked in a timely manner.
  • Hunger– Cows have 4 stomachs to keep full, so they have to eat a lot! When they are hungry, they moo.
  • When they want to play – Cows like to “horse around!” They head butt each other and jump around to play. Their moos sound playful when they are having fun.
  • Exploring – Cows like to have a routine, but sometimes when they have the opportunity to explore a field, they moo to let their friends know so they don’t have to go alone! They’re saying, “Hey, buddies, let’s go explore!”


Tune in to this Youtube channel and listen to a calf moo with your child!