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Mini Golf in Kansas City

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Mini Golf in Kansas City

A beautiful garden setting

Our Mini Golf course has truly become a beautiful "paradise." (Get it? Paradise Park...) When you walk across the bridge on your way to the first hole, you can tell things are going to be different. Surrounded by the sound of a rushing waterfall and the view of

thick foliage, you didn't even know you were missing your connection to nature. Suddenly, you're glad you're here. Shady, lush and green, our course is a winding path of landscaped beauty.

What makes ours different?

Listen to the streams and cascading fountains while you enjoy a game of miniature golf with your friends and family. At first glance, the course looks simple, but subtle challenges and obstacles make this as interesting for adults as it is for kids. So not only is it beautiful,

it’s also perfect for the competitors in the group, too. Mini Golf at Paradise Park is a great thing to do with your family in Kansas City. Don’t forget to top off your game with a little ice cream in the Paradise Cafe!

Inspired by our owner

We all have fond memories of playing miniature golf… and here at Paradise Park our Mini Golf course in Kansas City is where it all began… A trip to Florida inspired our owner, Jon Ellis. He saw a garden miniature golf course with a waterfall feature and knew he wanted to create something even better back home. Jon and his wife, Juli, planted 1,000 trees and shrubs by hand throughout the acreage 25+ years ago–with the help of a lot of friends–to make a place for families and friends to come out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. That same level of personal care and attention has gone into everything built at Paradise Park since.

Jr. Mini Golf Course

We do also have a Jr. Mini Golf Course for kids 7 and under in our Discovery Play center’s Outdoor Children’s Garden, included in Discovery Play admission. The Jr. Mini Golf course is also 18 holes and is laid out with a shorter length set of holes and a flatter surface–it’s a great way to learn about the game and practice putting. The course is fully ADA accessible. Jr. Mini Golf is available during the same hours the Discovery Play area operates and, unlike our full-size course, is not lit for evening play.

About Discovery Play

Attraction Features

  • 18 holes
  • Easy access for strollers and wheelchairs (back 9)
  • Ample shade
  • Lush landscaping, natural environment
  • New LED lighting for night play
  • Creative game ideas
  • Subtle challenges
  • Open year round

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