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Operational Update and Membership Plan

A Message from Paradise Park Founder & CEO Jon Ellis During the COVID-19 Quarantine:
We want to connect with you and provide an update to our valued members and guests. You make up the most important part of our business. We also want to ensure that you are informed about how we are planning to handle the privileges and fees associated with these programs while we work our way through this forced closure of all social gathering places like Paradise Park.

Discovery Play Monthly Memberships:

Membership fees were not debited in April and will not be debited again until we resume operations. We have our system set to charge “0” so if you see a charge then it should be for no cost at this time.

Discovery Play Yearly Memberships:

If you paid in full for a membership we will extend your membership equal to the amount of time we are closed. We will give you an update on the time frame details as we learn when we are able to reopen.

Annual Adventure Pass Memberships for 2020: (Typically January-December)

Adventure Pass Memberships will be extended to allow you to use your membership equal to the amount of months we are not able to be open. For example, if we are closed until May 31 (or nearly 3 months), then we will extend your membership through March 31, 2021.

Additional Information

With the current stay at home order in place, and the health officials encouraging distancing from social gathering places, our offices are not open at this time. However, we are checking emails as our primary source of communication with all guests and friends of our operation. We are responding as soon as possible.

This is all a moving target and our plans may be adjusted as we work our way through the unknowns. If you should have any questions then please email us at: info@paradise-park.com.
We appreciate your ongoing support for our hometown business and understand that this is an odd time for all of us. We are working our way through it as a world-wide community.
We look forward to seeing you again after this crisis passes. We also wish you wellness during this time and hope you are finding the time to make good memories with your families and friends.
Jon Ellis
Founder and CEO
Paradise Park

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