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Our May Update

Hello, everyone and THANK YOU for your patience.

It has been over 2 months since we all started managing our way through this COVID -19 crisis.

How Jackson County’s Economic Recovery Plan Phase 1 Affects Paradise Park

Our health officials continue to encourage social distancing from all large group gathering places. In support of fighting the spread of this virus, we remain committed to the health and well-being of our hometown, and we are following guidelines being provided by Jackson County, Missouri.

We see several other public spaces, like restaurants, salons, gyms, and the zoo, experimenting with limited seating or opening time slots during phase 1 of the Economic Recovery Plan. Many of these operations are following the strict guidelines of limited occupancy, cleaning all surfaces after every customer use and no public ability to use items like water fountains, playgrounds or shared soda dispensers. Truly, a new normal will be in place for a while during this time where we are all cooperating together to keep people safe from contracting this so easily spread virus.

However, under Phase 1 of the Jackson County plan, entertainment destinations are specifically ordered to be closed. We don’t know at this time what limitations will be established in the next 2 phases in the recovery plan. We do know that large gathering places (and highly tactile spaces like most of our attractions at Paradise Park) will remain in a quarantine, or with very limited use, until there is a solution for the pandemic and the County can fully recover to Phase 4 of their full plan. Our hope is there will be a cure or a treatment that will allow everything to get back to “business as usual” like we have all become accustomed to experience as a typical guest or employee.

About Your Memberships at Paradise Park

As a reminder…We want to ensure that you are informed about how we are planning to handle the privileges and fees associated with the following programs while we work our way through this continued closure of all social gathering places like Paradise Park:

Discovery Play Monthly Memberships:

Membership fees were not debited in April and will not be debited again until we can resume operations. We have our system set to charge “0”, so if you see a charge then it should be for no cost at this time.

Discovery Play Yearly Memberships:

If you paid in full for a membership, we will extend your membership equal to the amount of time we are closed. We will give you an update on the time-frame details as we learn when we are able to reopen.


Annual Adventure Pass Memberships for 2020: (Typically January-December)

Adventure Pass Memberships will be extended to allow you to use your membership equal to the amount of months we are not able to be open. For example, if we are closed until June 30 (or nearly 4 months), then we will extend your membership through April 30, 2021.

Our offices and operation remain closed at this time. However, we are checking emails as our primary source of communication with all guests and friends of our operation. We are responding as soon as possible.

This is all a moving target and our plans may be adjusted as we work our way through the unknowns. If you should have any questions then please email us at: info@paradise-park.com.

Again, we wish you wellness during this time and hope you are finding special ways to make good memories with your families and friends.


Jon Ellis

Founder and CEO

Paradise Park

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