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Laser Tag Maze

Outdoor Laser Tag in Kansas City

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Outdoor laser tag in Kansas City

An a-MAZE-ing
laser tag experience!

Any size group can team up for a unique game of laser tag in our outdoor maze arena! It's 5,000 square feet of play space, not too big for 3-on-3 and with plenty of room for 10-on-10, or more! Imagine winding

your way through a life-size labyrinth, trying to find your opponent without getting caught by surprise from behind! It's a fast-paced, high-energy game. Best of all, our equipment is simple: no head gear or vests.

What makes ours different?

Work together to strategize, or go with the flow. You'll see your score as you play, and we'll track your team play so at the end of the game you'll be high five-ing your teammates, or asking for a rematch! A great team-builder.

Our awesome elevated Observation Deck overlooks the entire arena and allows for observers to see all the action. (You can decide if you want their help, or not!) Also makes for a great photo op!


Fun for any size group
Plenty of room – 5,000 square feet of play space
Elevated observation deck
No vests or headbands
Great team building
Included in Adventure Day Pass – a great value


No running, please
2 hands on gun
Closed-toe shoes required.
(We have water shoes available in many sizes.)

Tickets & Pricing

One-Time Ticket


Adventure Day Pass


Mon – Thurs $25.99

(Available seasonally. Restrictions apply.)

Winter Day Pass


Mon – Thurs $25.99
5 indoor activities!
Available seasonally.

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One game

Unlimited Adventure Attractions
(when outdoor attractions are open, weather permitting)

Operation Laser Tag (1 game), unlimited Bumper Cars, Rock Climbing, Foam Factory,
plus 40-credit Fun Card for Arcade

Warm weather bonus: outdoor attractions included
when weather is above 50 degrees!