Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

The Paradise Park Rewards℠ Program (the “Program”) is a customer recognition program that rewards members for their food, beverage and game purchases (subject to certain exclusions described below).

These Terms & Conditions are applicable only to the Program and not to any other rewards program that may be offered by Paradise Park. Enrollment, membership, and all related benefits of the Program, including all administration related thereto, are offered to you by Paradise Park, Inc. (“Paradise Park”, “we,” “us,” “our,” “ours”) at Paradise Park’s sole discretion.

By enrolling in the Program and/or using the Program, the member or user (“you,” “your,” “yours,” “member(s)”) agree(s) to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions and such membership or use shall be subject to these Terms & Conditions, as they may be amended from time to time.

The Program is subject to change or cancellation at any time by Paradise Park in its sole discretion, without prior notice.

ELIGIBILITY Membership is free. There is a limit of one membership per person. Full Rewards membership is open to United States residents who are at least 18 years of age. Those under 18 years of age may join Rewards in order to register their Fun Card but will not be able to receive special offers. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Membership is non-transferable.

ENROLLMENT To enroll and receive the full benefits of the Program, you must obtain a Paradise Park Fun Card® (“Fun Card”) and register that Fun Card with Paradise Park (i.e., have a “Registered Fun Card”). Please Note: You must register your Fun Card number in order to fully enroll and become a member and for full Program benefits to apply. Membership begins upon activation of your account, which in most cases will be immediately following our receipt of your fully completed registration form, which includes your Fun Card number. You may only enroll in the Program for yourself and may only participate in the Program using your own account. You cannot participate in the Program on behalf of other members or non-members.

PROGRAM BENEFITS By becoming a member and participating in the Program you will receive a reward point (“Reward Point”) for each one dollar ($1.00) you spend for Qualifying Purchases (as defined below). When the amount of your total Qualifying Purchases reaches $100, you will receive a credit on your account for $10.00 in game play on your next visit with a purchase to Paradise Park located within the United States (“Game Play Credit”). For each additional $100 you spend on Qualifying Purchases you will receive an additional $10 Game Play Credit. The Game Play Credit will automatically be loaded on to your account. Any Game Play Credits awarded to you must be used within Ninety (90) days of when the Game Play Credit was awarded to you or they will expire, so be sure to check the total Reward Points you have earned frequently when using your Game Play Credit.

Paradise Park will remove any earned Rewards Points on a member account that has not made a Qualifying Purchase within any twelve (12) month period. Rewards Points are good only for Game Play Credits and cannot be used towards the purchase of any other item or services, including but not limited to food, non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages, taxes, tips or gift cards. Reward Points and Game Play Credits have no cash value and no change will be given for the redemption of Rewards Points or Game Play Credits.

Rewards Points will not be awarded in conjunction with any special event or with any other rewards, coupons, discounts (including but not limited to group and corporate discounts) or promotional offers, and cannot be transferred or sold. Paradise Park reserves the right to substitute rewards of equal or greater value for any Rewards Points or Game Play Credits for any reason. Paradise Park and its respective partners, directors, officers and agents expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to the use of such Rewards Points and Game Play Credits. You should not rely upon the continued availability of the Program. All Rewards Points and Game Play Credits are available while supplies last and are subject to change and/or revocation without notice.

USING YOUR REGISTERED FUN CARD® Lost or stolen Registered Fun Cards can be replaced. If a Registered Fun Card is lost or stolen, it is the member’s responsibility to notify us immediately by calling (816) 246-5224. Paradise Park is not responsible for Game Play Credits used on a stolen or lost Registered Fun Card that has not yet been reported as provided herein. Replacement cards can be issued at the front desk. Paradise Park tracks your Qualifying Purchases on your Registered Fun Card, and your Registered Fun Card electronically stores the amount of your Game Play Credits. Rewards Points cannot be awarded after the associated bill has been paid if the Registered Fun Card was not made known prior to the purchase.

QUALIFYING PURCHASES Qualifying Purchases include the purchase of food, beverages, attractions, membership, Fun Cards, Fun Card recharges, except for those items described below as Non-Qualifying Purchases.

NON-QUALIFYING PURCHASES Qualifying Purchases shall not include any of the purchases or items described in the chart below (“Non-Qualifying Purchases”): Special Events – including party rental, room charge, group event, prepaid deposits, Accts Receivable, and/or promotional events, Purchases of gift cards Miscellaneous revenue and charges and other Revenue Sales tax, other taxes, or fees mandated by law Gratuities Delivery charges Paradise Park reserves the right to add other Non-Qualifying Purchases from time to time in its sole discretion.

NOTIFICATION OF BENEFITS Earned Rewards Points will also be printed in-store on your receipt. When purchasing game play at an in-store kiosk, Rewards Points will not be credited to the recharged Registered Fun Card. If recharging multiple Fun Cards on one transaction, you will have the opportunity to specify the Registered Fun Card that will be credited with the Rewards Points.

Paradise Park will also notify eligible members of reward offers and benefits throughout their membership via e-mail. The Program will use email as the communication channel for providing members with information regarding earned Rewards Points, Game Play Credits, Program benefits, Program changes, update messages, and all benefits and offers available to members. Members must submit and maintain accurate user information in connection with their Program account to receive communication about the Program. Such information includes (but may not be limited to) name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and Registered Fun Card number. Members may opt-out of e-mail communications by clicking “unsubscribe” on any email communications, or by contacting us directly. However, if you no longer wish to receive email communications and Program benefit notification from Paradise Park, you will forfeit the ability to receive such information regarding the Program via email. Opting-out of receiving email from us will require you to obtain all such information directly from in-store kiosks only.

PRIVACY The Privacy Policy for Paradise Park will be applicable to all information you provide to Paradise Park relative to this Program.

POINTS FOR PURCHASES THAT WERE NOT RECORDED If your Qualifying Purchases were not recorded on your Registered Fun Card, we will credit your account with Rewards Points for Qualifying Purchases on a timely basis. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that your purchases are properly credited. Please retain copies of your receipts and/or account statements for your records. Any claim for Qualifying Purchases not credited accurately must be received by us within forty-five (45) days of the date of the Qualifying Purchase’s receipt. You may submit your claim to Paradise Park Guest Services at (816) 246-5224 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST. You will be required to submit your receipt to verify your claim. Limit of three (3) requests per Member per calendar year will be considered for Reward Points that were not recorded at the time of Qualifying Purchases. We have no liability for (a) any printing, production, typographical, mechanical, or other errors regarding the earning, redemption or accumulation of Rewards Points, Game Play Credits, or any other benefits or other aspects of the Program; (b) any delay or failure to credit your account; or (c) any failure to provide Program communication. We reserve the right to remove purchases credited to your account if we determine that such purchases were improperly credited to your account or obtained fraudulently. We reserve the right to require proof of Qualifying Purchases recorded on your account, and we reserve the right to delay the processing of any Rewards Points or Game Play Credit, without notice to you, in order to assure compliance with these Terms & Conditions. You are responsible for restricting access to and maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password, and you agree to accept responsibility for the activities of anyone using your Registered Fun Card or Registered Fun Card number.

REWARD PROGRAM CANCELLATION You have the right to cancel your membership in the Rewards Program at any time. You can cancel your Rewards Program participation by calling (816) 246-5224. We may terminate your membership, including any associated accounts, without notice, for any reason, in our sole discretion, including without limitation, inactivity on the member account for more twelve (12) months or our belief that continued use of such membership would violate any provisions of this Agreement, applicable law, or otherwise be harmful to our interests.

CHANGES TO THE PROGRAM AND THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS We reserve the right at any time to limit Program enrollment or to establish different levels of Program participation or targeted offers that may result in programs that are not available to all Members. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to (a) suspend, change or terminate the Program, any individual program, or any member benefit, in whole or in part; (b) modify, limit or suspend the manner in which Rewards Points and Game Play Credits are earned, awarded and/or redeemed, including but not limited to changes to the definitions of Qualifying Purchases and Non-Qualifying Purchases, and changes to the amount of points and credits earned, the value of those points and credits, when they can be redeemed and when they expire. We may make these changes even though the changes may affect the value of your Rewards Points, Game Play Credits and rewards available under the Program already accumulated at the time of the change.

Your continued participation in the Program after any modification to the Program and/or these Terms & Conditions will indicate your acceptance of any such modification. You expressly agree to assume responsibility for reviewing these Terms & Conditions for any updates or modifications. If you don’t agree to any changes to the Program or these Terms & Conditions, your sole remedy is to deactivate your account (and forfeit any unused Rewards Points). You expressly agree to waive and set aside your respective rights and obligations under any applicable law in the event of any termination of the Program or modification of these Terms & Conditions to the extent that such law requires any judicial pronouncement for the termination of the Program or modification of these Terms & Conditions. We also agree to waive and set aside our respective rights and obligations in this regard. We may change the terms of this Program and these Terms & Conditions at any time by posting notice in the in-store kiosks or at.

PROGRAM TERMINATION We may terminate the Program partially or in its entirety, including any or all of the benefits available hereunder, at any time, in our sole discretion, with or without notice by posting notice in the in-store kiosks and/or at

MEMBER OBLIGATIONS & REPRESENTATIONS By enrolling in the Program, and/or by participating in the Program, you are expressly agreeing to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, as they may be amended from time to time. You agree not to misuse Program privileges by engaging in conduct that is detrimental to us, including without limitation: having multiple accounts; making purchases on the behalf of other members; participating in purchasing or redemption fraud; and/or using any robot, spider, other automatic device or manual process to transact with, monitor or alter the Program. You agree to comply at all times with all laws, rules, and regulations that are applicable to you.

You hereby acknowledge that you may only participate in the Program if and to the extent that such participation is permitted by all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, and that your application for enrollment is subject to our acceptance. We may refuse at any time to enroll you, or may restrict, modify, or terminate your participation in the Program without liability to you. You agree to provide only accurate and true information to us at all times. You agree to comply with all of these Terms & Conditions and with the terms of any affiliated and/or related programs, offers and programs at all times.

You agree to promptly notify us of any change in address, whether your mailing address or email address, by updating personal information on our Web site, in-store kiosk, or by contacting Guest Paradise Park Guest Services at (888) 300-1515 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm CST. You agree that your participation in the Program is entirely at your own risk.