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How to defeat your kid’s summer boredom

Summer Activities for Kids in Kansas City

by the Local Experts of Fun at Paradise Park

As fellow parents, we know that thing that happens to kids in the summer… A school year’s worth of pent-up energy is finally released. This can lead to some pretty significant mood changes, a major learning loss, and other things that make moms, dads, and grandparents go ARKJERKLREH!!!

When even the most involved summer camps aren’t enough to cure your kid’s boredom this summer, or they’re not long enough to make a dent in their summer vacation, don’t panic! We’re bringing you ideas for summer activities for kids in Kansas City.

How to Plan Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Kansas City

The key to curing summer boredom is to approach this mystical enemy on several fronts. In our experience, boredom is best fought using a combination of imagination, learning, and physical activity.

Lucky for you, Paradise Park is conveniently located right here in town and offers solutions that hone in on each of these three strategies.

Our goal is to provide a variety of summer activities for kids in Kansas City to help out fellow parents and families going through the struggle of summer boredom.


Engage their imagination with play that’s out of this world! Try something unconventional, like a dinosaur dig, pretend fishing, a 2-level fort, hand-sewn teepees, and more when you visit Paradise Park for your summer activities for kids in Kansas City.

For kids older than 6, Operation Laser Tag is definitely a go 👍 You can also try our Gem Mining attraction that could inspire a future career, or even just ignite a lifelong hobby.


Imagination & Learning are not mutually exclusive! Oftentimes, education is much more effective through play.

Here are some examples of summer educational activities in Kansas City at Paradise Park’s Discovery Play attraction for children 7 and under:

Block Play – Children can learn about sizes, shapes, numbers, area, length and weight as they select and build with blocks.

Soft Play – This type of play promotes physical development, coordination and an understanding of spatial relationships as children jump, hop and climb.

Miniature Play – Children learn creative thinking skills, how to play cooperatively with others and encourages small muscle development.

Water Play Children learn about scientific concepts such as volume, measurement, cause-effect relationships and problem solving skills.

Other features of our Discovery Play attraction include Children’s Cooking, an Art Studio, Face Painting, a Pretend Village, and more!

For engaging older children, try one of our escape rooms or a laser tag maze! Both options are great for engaging the brain and pushing them to utilize critical thinking skills… without them even realizing it! #winwin

Physical Activity

Activities like a Foam Factory, Laser Tag, Batting Cages, Mini Golf or Rock Climbing (6+) are great ways to let out some of that pent-up summer energy for kids of all ages.

You’ll also see their faces light up when they realize that jumping, running, swinging, and climbing are much more fun and exciting than sitting in front of a phone, tablet, or TV.

Defeat your kid’s summer boredom at Paradise Park

By tackling all three of these major areas, you ensure your kid’s summer boredom will have absolutely zero chance of surviving.

Paradise Park offers a wide variety of summer activities for kids in Kansas City. Reach out to us anytime if you have questions need help planning your next visit.


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