The Benefits of Buying Experiences

“Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

We’ve all felt that tension about how we spend our money—do we buy something we can touch and keep and use over and over, or do we “splurge” on an intangible experience and settle for taking pictures?

Experts who have studied this the past decade years confirm that our inclination to invest in experiences has far more lasting value and benefits…and are telling us that experiences do indeed make people happier than possessions. These are the reasons why:

  1. The initial high of acquiring a new thing wears off quickly as we see it every day (think: take it for granted)
  2. Experiences continue to bring us joy through the memories we made long after the event happened
  3. Experiences with others create a sense of connection to others, and supports our need for social connection
  4. Experiences make people feel more “alive” as they remember them and retell the stories
  5. We feel less self-conscious when we compare experiences than we do our stuff. We feel more free to share a memory than talk about something we bought.

Garage sales really hit home on this. Watching the stuff you spent lots of money on walk out the door for nothing makes you really think twice about doing that again, doesn’t it?

We met a group of parents here at the Park who all live within a few miles of each other and have kids in the same age group. These folks really know how to do life together. Last year they decided together to all get season passes at a few different places around town. It was a strategic investment in their relationships with each other. Every day (or so) in a GroupMe message, they spontaneously share what the adventure of the day is so whoever wants can join in and go. They are building a foundation of fun memories and stories to share for the rest of their lives… “Remember the time when…”

This is what we’re all about—creating a place for you to have safe, clean fun experiences with your friends and family, your coworkers and neighbors. Come on in and talk with one of our friendly team members about all the things you can to do together at Paradise Park. We’d love to help you create your “Remember when…” stories.


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