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The Value of our VIP Breakfasts

Throughout the year, we invite our friends to come meet their favorite characters here, and at some of those events, we offer a breakfast before the Meet & Greet.

Our VIP Breakfasts make meeting characters so fun to do together. They add to the experience and help you make an even more special memory. Here are 5 reasons why we think you’d enjoy them:

1.  Quality Family Time

We provide activities to help you engage with and enjoy your child – from breakfast together with tabletop options to Mini Adventure time and the Meet & Greet.

2.  Character Lesson

Our theme for the morning includes age-appropriate discussion to inspire good character.

3.  Engaging Activities

Our friendly Play Facilitators engage your child as hosts and during Mini Adventure time, when they’ll read a story and then play an interactive game. Just like in our Discovery Play center, we’re focused on educational and entertaining fun.

4.  Great Food

Our breakfasts are prepared fresh the morning of the event and are absolutely delicious! They’re both kid AND adult friendly–there’s something for everyone.

5.  Day of Edu-taining Play

For non-members, your VIP Breakfast ticket includes a wristband that gives you admission to our Discovery Play center, where you and your child(ren) can play all day in more that 30 indoor and outdoor play stations designed for interactive, sensory and imaginative play! For members, you get a discount on your VIP Ticket and are invited to enjoy your membership after the Meet & Greet of course!

Members: $8 per person
NonMembers: $17 per person
Space is limited
Reservations required

Next VIP Breakfast:

Saturday, January 18
VIP Breakfast 9:30  – 10:30 a.m.
(Note: Characters WILL BE actively involved in this breakfast! It’s all about the character interaction! They read the story and play the game with the kiddos!)



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