Adventure Time Theme

The week for bug-loving kids!

Discovery Play Adventure Time Theme of the Week: Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!
Sunday, Sun April 7 through Sat April 13

Get the “bug” for Paradise Park! It’s Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! week…

If you love bugs, come see what fun activities we have planned this week to learn about our favorite crawly creatures! When you’re looking for things to do with kids in Kansas City, Paradise Park’s Discovery Play center is a great option. It’s our version of a children’s museum.

What is Adventure Time?

It’s an additional activity you and your child can participate in during your visit and exploring in Discovery Play. Our friendly Paradise Park Play Facilitator engages our young guests in celebrating the theme of the week through 4 different activities: a story, interactive game, art project and cooking activity. Our curriculum is custom-designed by professionals who have put heart and soul into creating an enriching educational hands-on experience that is so much fun kids don’t even realize they are learning. Our program is inspired by unit studies, sensory play and experiential learning philosophies.

This Week’s Activities:

Performance Room

Imagination-capturing storytelling followed by a unique interactive activity that connects to the story and provides great kinesthetic learning.

This week: We’ll get snug as bugs in a rug for story time! We’ll share a fun book about Little Pip, a caterpillar that can’t wait to grow up, but wonders what he’ll be! When I’m Big by Bill Bolton is a pop-up book with engaging rhymes and a surprise ending. The interactive game we’ll play afterward will get kids moving and thinking as they find colors and create patterns in our “Ladybug Spots Matching Game.”

Art Studio

Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to have a mess at home!

This week: Our art projects with an educational twist cultivate curiosity and an appreciation for all kinds of creatures. The Adventure Time featured art project allows children to follow simple instructions and make a Bug on a Leaf using their small motor skills to create this imaginative take-home decoration.  At the individual, self-guided art tables, kids and their grown-ups can create a Butterfly Mirror Painting with watercolor paints; a Bug Collage with special stamps and ink pad; and a Very Hungry Caterpillar using fun materials including pom poms and pipe cleaners.

Cooking Station

Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. The Cooking Station teaches children to try new foods, work together and learn measuring skills. And, it’s just plain fun!

This week: Kids will have so much fun in the Cooking Station this week at Paradise Park! They’ll get creative using some common ingredients to make an unusual “Little Critter Cookie” of their own to munch after it’s baked!

You’ll find so many rich, engaging activities for youngsters here at the Park!

Explore More

Here’s an idea for creating more connections with your child at home through fun:

Bug Jokes for Kids

Bugs are funny… and since laughing and being silly together bonds people like nothing else they are perfect subject matter for some joke telling fun! Read some jokes about different kinds of bugs, let your child practice telling them and making you laugh. Talk about what makes a joke funny, or not! Try making some up yourselves! Here are some we like to get you started!

How do bees get to school?
(By school buzz!)

What is an insect’s favorite sport?

Why did the kid throw the butter out the window?
(To see the butter fly!)

Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance?
(Because it was a moth ball!)

Why are frogs so happy?
(Because they eat what bugs them!)

What did one frog say to the other?
(Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies!)

Why did the bee go to the doctor?
(Because she had hives!)

What do you get if you cross a centipede and a parrot?
(A walkie-talkie!)

How do fleas travel from place to place?
(By itch-hiking!)

What are caterpillars afraid of?

Two flies are on the porch. Which one is an actor?
(The one on the screen!)

What is the biggest ant in the world?
(An eleph-ant!)

Why was the baby ant confused?
(Because all of his uncles were ants!)

What do you get when you cross a sheep and a honey bee?



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