Can I bring in my own food and beverages to Paradise Park?

Paradise Park has a picnic area located outside of the building on the northeast corner of the main building and south of Operation Laser Tag arena. It is a shaded area with several picnic tables and a place for easy trash disposal.

In general, Paradise Park does not allow guests to bring in any outside food or beverages on the rest of the property for general admission guests. The Park practices this rule in order to help protect all guests from being exposed to items that may cause allergies with children. It is a safety issue. Paradise Park is a peanut-free facility. This information is clearly marked at the front entrance.

Paradise Park also operates its own café that follows the city, county and state health codes. The Park follows ordinances for safety to prevent cross contaminating food served at the Paradise Park Café. The café offers affordable lunch and dinner specials for individuals, groups and field trips, as well as professional catering services for larger groups.

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