May I host my own walk-in party?

If you do not choose one of our hosted or featured birthday packages, you can still visit our Park for the recreational part of your day by utilizing our day passes or purchasing individual attractions or a Fun Card for the Game Room. Please ensure your guests understand that they will play at Paradise Park, but will enjoy cake and presents at a separate location. If interested in renting a private room, we will be happy to work to accommodate your needs at a fair price. We ask that rooms be reserved 2 weeks in advance. You can reserve a room here or call our groups department at 816-246-5224 ext. 105.

Due to security and health code mandates, we cannot allow outside food or beverage on property from general admission guests, nor can we allow gifts or decorations to be brought in for non-hosted parties. There is simply not room in our main seating areas to allow for party tables to be tied up for extended amounts of time. We ask for all guests’ cooperation in making the facility open to the general public and if any guest feels they need a reserved seating space we encourage them to contact our friendly party or group events staff to help them with their organized party reservation needs.

To book a birthday party package with us, we encourage you to book your party online or in person at least 10 days in advance.

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