What is Discovery Play or a “Children’s Edutainment Center?”

A “children’s edu-tainment center” is the amusement industry’s term for a facility designed for families with young children to enjoy activities that combine learning and play. Paradise Park calls our edu-tainment center Discovery Play, and ours features 20 indoor areas offering a variety of play and learning opportunities: large block building; interactive children’s cooking; soft contained play climbing; miniature play; face painting; water table play; infant-toddler area; Pretend Village with a pretend fire station, pizza parlor, supermarket and classroom; art studio and performance area. It also includes an Outdoor Children’s Garden with 10 play areas: Dinosaur Dig, Pretend Fishing, 3 climbing structures, Jr. Mini Golf, tee-pees, a toddler grass maze, and several Playful Kinetics interactive sculptures by a local artist.

Adults do pay for admission to Discovery Play at a discount–it ensures the safety of all guests entering the area and it is a valuable experience for parent and child. The majority of similar entertainment venues charge full price for adults and guests of all ages and do not offer the reduced adult price that Paradise Park offers.

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