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Under the Sea in DP

Discovery Play Adventure Time Theme of the Week: Under the Sea
Mon, May 13 through Sat, May 18

Some of the best activities for kids in Kansas City are at Paradise Park! Learn about sea life in this week’s Discovery Play theme.

When you are looking for ways to spend quality time with your family, our Discovery Play center is designed just for that. In addition to the 30+ indoor and outdoor play stations, we offer Adventure Time, which combines learning with fun through a themed story, art and cooking project facilitated by our friendly Play Facilitators at scheduled times every day.

What is Adventure Time?

It’s an additional activity you and your child can participate in during your visit and exploring in Discovery Play. Our friendly Paradise Park Play Facilitator engages our young guests in celebrating the theme of the week through 4 different activities: a story, interactive game, art project and cooking activity. Our curriculum is custom-designed by professionals who have put heart and soul into creating an enriching educational hands-on experience that is so much fun kids don’t even realize they are learning. Our program is inspired by unit studies, sensory play and experiential learning philosophies.

This Week’s Activities:

Performance Room

Imagination-capturing storytelling followed by a unique interactive activity that connects to the story and provides great kinesthetic learning.

This week: Kids will love learning about sea creatures in a variety of ways. Our friendly Play Facilitators will engage children and their grown-ups with a lively, rhyming story about a boy’s adventures meeting different creatures under the sea in the book, Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck. Afterward we capture the spirit of the book in an interactive game called “On Land or in the Ocean?” Kids have the opportunity to move their bodies and think of answers in the game as they use large motor skills to either walk in place or make swimming arm motions when they hear the name of an animal that lives on land or in the sea.

Art Studio

Children follow basic instructions to create their own art project that expands on the theme and encourages small motor skill development. We have all the art supplies set up so you don’t have to have a mess at home!

This week: Little ones can “swim” on over to the Art Studio for the next part of Adventure Time. Our friendly Play Facilitator will lead the group in our featured art project, taking the youngsters through step-by-step instructions to create a colorful collage of a school of fish. The self-directed art activities also have some special 3D and other fun elements to them: bending paper to create tentacles for “Oscar the Octopus,” using Do-A-Dot paints to create the illusion of scales on a “Swimming Seahorse,” and stamping sea creatures onto an “Under the Sea Scene.”

Cooking Station

Kids love to make their own creative treat to eat when it’s finished. The Cooking Station teaches children to try new foods, work together and learn measuring skills. And, it’s just plain fun!

This week: After working up an appetite with all that fun, children will make themselves a “Starfish Cookie” In the Cooking Station! We’ll engage them in a great discussion about the ocean as they prepare to turn their ingredients into an edible creature!

Everything you create together here at Paradise Park can be taken home and shared. We hope your child will be excited to tell their family all about what they did during their visit!

Explore More

Here are some other resources to cultivate more curiosity about marine life, and ideas of things you can do together:

  1. Visit the new interactive sting ray exhibit at the Kansas City Zoo
  2. Watch a video of green sea turtles
  3. Explore the “ocean portal” for kids at NatGeoKids.com
  4. Read a fictional story about ocean life:

Hello Ocean by Pam Muñoz – a five-senses introduction to the ocean through the experience of a girl
Somewhere in the Ocean, by Jennifer Ward – a delightful ocean-themed counting book
The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, by Joanna Cole – an imaginative fictional story with lots of great facts about life in the ocean
In the Ocean, by A.J. Wood – a baby dolphin searches for his family and makes lots of new friends along the way

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